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RE: How reputation scores are calculated - the details explained with simple math

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I am begging everyone who cares about steemit to stop saying "Quality Content". It is bullshit. Everyone is acting like we are in college. It isn't about high quality content there are thousands of posts a day. Very high quality that get a few votes. That is a problem. Quit telling people it is there writing it isn't good enough when it doesn't matter.


You have a point, to a certain extent. People who already have a high reputation seem able to post junk and still get it upvoted. Whereas those with low reputation can post quality and it'll be ignored. I think the secret is to study the system closely, work it, and gradually build your reputation up. Then, once you have your rep, you can post your quality content and it will continue to do well. In summary, it's a matter of pulling yourself up with your own bootstraps. It's not easy, but then, it's not necessarily meant to be.

Agreed, my advice is... try to get noticed. (Without offending everyone) lol. Keep Steeming

I agree with this point. As a newbie it is harder to get into this.
I guess I will try to fight my way to the top :)
But yeah Followers are a problem, some people post and get so many upvotes even if it is a small update of a Crypto Coin or something.

I keep hearing how hard it is for newbies. I'm new and on my second day I have a rep of 41. I have three blog post with 15 votes and 25 comments. I also left 18 comments. I'm set to make $15 SBD at this point which I think is pretty decent considering it's just day two. Maybe it's beginners luck but I think content (and the way you share it)
may have something to do with it. Nothing good comes easy. Push yourself to be a better author and marketer.

I'm a refugee here from other platforms and I must say it's easier to get started. Markdown is way better than WYSIWYG or the other attempts that aren't pure HTML.

In terms of monetising, it is about quality. You need to build a community of like-minded people, who would upvote you. Simple as that, and it works. On other platforms, you need hits that translate into advert clicks. It's silly.

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