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RE: Steemit Power Down Proposal

in #steemit2 months ago

I don't mind if the power down is shortened.

I don't see any reason to add a more complicated internal process instead of focusing on market awareness and usability.

This is more making changes to feel like a you did something.

I don't care if you do it, but there are other things that could make a bigger difference


Agree with this in terms of priorities. Although with the community going ahead with two polls on the issue (ironically spending more time debating it than has ever been done marketing Steem or people's content), it more or less forces Steemit Inc to give a thoughtful reply. So not sure I would make it sound like they made this change to "feel like they did something".
But we certainly need to come around to more important topics.

Okay, good point... they are just responding.

I'm not going to make a big deal out of it, because it isn't a big deal.

Edited to ask how this supports your stated number 1 goal of onboarding?

But this doesnt do anything though. Those that were powered up will remain so, those that arent wont be.
Giving a choice when powering up as to how long you will be powered up means nothing.

The point was to increase steem mobility, liquidity etc. Not adding a pointless complicated process.

I think we agree, see my next comment.