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Growing Our New Users - Have You Helped a Minnow Today?

in steemit •  2 years ago

Recently I have noticed many new accounts.  I think the combination of Twitter/4chan/Facebook/Reddit  censorship has brought us some new users.  In addition, SteemIt has been getting some positive press recently, I think people are giving SteemIt a new look, and also the word is spreading.  We all know we are still in Beta, and getting the site figured out can be daunting.  Also, when someone has no followers, it is difficult for articles to get any visibility.

What I would like is to create a welcoming culture which encourages people to stay.  I hope every member of our community would embrace the task of doing something to help a new-user everyday.  There are some very simple things we can do to welcome new members.

Here are some ideas:

  • Vote, Comment and possibly resteem a new user post.
  • Welcome new users.
  • Follow new users.  (Most will follow you back, so it can be a win/win)
  • Many times I see people asking questions in chat and the questions get ignored.  Please try to direct the new-users to help if you can't help them yourself.
  • Link user guides and FAQ articles to the new users

Remember every new user is a potential investor as well as a content creator, brings diversity to the platform.  Please treat our new members like the important part of the Steem Community that they are.


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Good post to boost good morale in the Steemit community. Thank you.

This post is last year and still relevant.
I am a newbie stumping around Steemit. Did my first food post. It's not so great but I got 0.3 cent. I was so happy to see someone read the post. No one commented, I wish they had I think I would have done backflips.
I know a little bit more #2 is going to be much better.
Yes, my friends be good to newbies just a little, little something can make a newbie really happy.

Good reminder, for Steemit to succeed we have to be a welcoming community and each of us has a part to play. I think one easy thing that everyone can do is keep an eye on the #introducemyself section and vote / comment on new user introductions.


Yes, that is a good place to find our newest users, thank you for posting that here.

Excellent there is a whole group of us tryng to sort this and you put it into a blog post. I've asked for you to be invited to the group trying to do exactly this in


I look forward to participating! I am wanting to put together a "help desk". If there is one in the works, I would like to volenteer.

good posting... ^^


Thank you!

Agree, an Upvote can make the day for a newbie;D~


It sure can. Also just being treated nicely and having comments and interest.

Great post. Keep up the great work. Such new(er) users may also be invited to steemprentice chat and anyone who wants to help as well. Our group helps with newer things using steemit at beginning to more advanced levels of use, skill, and knowledge.
Also shared on twitter


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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Good suggestion. I will start leaving a link to that room.


Thank you, I really hope we can embrace the new users, I felt like we were kind of shunned as new users in Aug. Only a handful of my minnow friends seem to still be around.

@whatsup, I'm all over it. I love reading #introduction post. It's no longer #introduceyourself, but #introducemyself. They are my favorite posts to read. It's hard at the bottom and I'm all about team steem. Love This post.


Thank you my friend. Good to see you around. I think we can definitely keep this new round of users if we work at it.

I was thinking that new users should get a "welcome package" that basically offers a tutorial of Steemit. It could help them navigate the site better and build an audience sooner than if they were learning it on their own by trial and error. Even a personal welcome message from experienced users could make them feel good about joining.


I have been thinking the same thing. A welcome bot type of thing, which gives some informational links, and maybe votes on the first couple of articles.


A great idea. How do we pass this further up the chain? Just write posts about it and tag it steemhelp?


Yes, just have to pitch the idea and see how it goes.


I just got in and i totally appreciate that old-timers are thinking about us. I think that is a great idea and someone should go ahead and implement it. We will all appreciate it.

We have to remember we were there a few months ago. A kind word makes all the difference


I will NEVER forget. It was a rough start for me. :)


Was for me too, could have quite easily walked away


This is really important. We were all at this point at some point and someone came in and helped us.



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Great post! We should try to make every single new member feel like home, and hopefully they will stay with us :)

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Hello whatsup, what's shaken brother?

I have never used a twitter/4chan/Facebook or Reddit account

But I am hooked here where Steemit compensates its members for participation... sweet!

Where can I go to find help on my wallet.

My wallet is reading: Your current rewards: 0.111 SBD and 0.113 SP

Do I redeem these now or is there a reason not to?

Does this help my voting value?

Just asking,

It's super important to help new user. I'm new myself, and its hard to succeed...

Thank you for supporting the new steemit members. You are a good person.

Yeah we need help most often

Yeah, everyone here is an important part of the community. I'm really hoping that it grows and that I can also make connections with like-minded people everywhere.
Thanks for the help! I think I just realized, since you said "chat" - I need to see steemit more like a chat, at least for me. I want to connect!

You are exactly right. I grew up on LiveJournal and made some of my best internet friends on that site. Nothing else has been quite like it. Facebook is too invasive. Twitter feels like yelling into the void. And lately reddit is just cringe-worthy. I am really happy to have found this site and the experience has been very cool. Thanks for taking the time.


I just saw your intro post. Glad to see you getting around the site. Welcome again.