Personal Update - Still up in the air but slowly coming together

in steemit •  3 months ago

It's funny how things just kind of come at you from nowhere sometimes. Good things and bad things...the kindness of others is just astonishing sometimes, but then again, it's not like I've never been good to others. I hope this just becomes the dominant culture, being fucking awesome to everyone all the time.

It's funny how it always happens right before I'm about to crash. It always happens as soon as I give up. What arrives is often the very same thing that is lost. I'd like to be less cryptic but I think this is what I have to offer right now.

I love this ride I'm on.

I was hoping to be settled by September. It seems it may be pushed back to January. Hopefully things can stabilize in the instability and I can focus my energy back on finishing Confessions of the Damaged and maybe even recording a song or two (the album will come later).

It feels so hard to focus when things are so uncertain. Then it feels so hard to focus when things are all stable and certain. It's all up to me, I need to stop blaming it on anything else. I create my own reality. I need to own up to that and create something fucking awesome, regardless what happens.

The creative juices are certainly flowing, I just need to make sure they are channeled into the right projects.

I'm feeling social these days so if anyone wants to chat let me know.

I suppose this post didn't really say anything, but come find me and we will catch up! I feel a bit drunk, probably off all the olive oil I cooked with.

I will be in my right mind tomorrow so see you then!


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I need to own up to that and create something fucking awesome

You already are @whatamidoing. At least in my not so humble opinion! 😁

You are doing a great work pls keep it up and make us informed thank you bro....God bless you

This must be your best image ever and you know I read all your posts.
Wanna chat ( again ) tomorrow? :>)


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