A Year on Steemit

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Today marks my one year anniversary on steemit. It’s been a crazy ride. For all of you who haven’t figured it out “What am I doing?” Is the questioned that enetered my mind as I wasn’t signing up for the platform. I didn’t doubt that I should try it out, I just had no idea how anything like this was possible. I knew I should try it out, but I had no idea what kind of people I’d meet here, no idea if I’d actually be able to make money, no idea how I’d get sucked into the world of crypto and no idea how full of ups and downs it would be.

I came here after failing to garner a following on Patreon. Here is my Patreon with my fiction if you are interested. Patreon has 0 community and it’s all content creators with little to no means or desire to support others, kind of like what I hear Berlin is like, a bunch of starving artists who can’t afford to buy each other’s artwork. You need to bring in a following from elsewhere and I have a terrible relationship with facebooks algorithms because I’ve posted links to articles from RT before and made statements about facebooks questionable behaviors. Steemit seemed like an interesting alternative. Everyone here’s is also a content creator but we are given upvotes so that we all have the ability to support each other. I didn’t (and still don’t) like the way some users votes are worth so much more than others or how rampant bots are at the platform but the amazing people I’ve met here surprised me, and so did the ability I had to make a difference at the platform.


My first few months here I worked on a series called “Optimism at the End of the World”. I had posts that got $0 payout and drove me nuts. I also had posts that were upvoted by whales, nominated to @ocd in its early days, and a huge boost from @cryptohustlin who passed my name on to various whales that he knew and landed me $100+ on 3-4 posts. I’ve still never properly thanked him for that. Thanks man!

Dark days arrived with the passing of Hard Fork 19. I was worried that the decrease from 40 upvotes a day to 10 upvotes a day would hurt user engagement. I was right, but I spent two months dwelling on it and feeling depressed and it killed my momentum on the platform. I had great points but my tone basically made me sound like I was just whining. It didn’t help that the old voting behavior on new posts brought huge payout to lots of minnow during the first week of HF19 and increased their 100% upvote x4 (remember there 4x as many 100% upvotes per day before so no real change was made in how much influence minnows had, but they sure felt excited about this cause it felt nice to go for a 0.00 upvote to a 0.03 overnight).

I spent 2-3 months feeling depressed at the decrease in engagement and payouts on my posts. I had been doing great for myself and I was feeling great about the platform and here everyone was cheering about a week of good payouts, not realizing that the readers of their posts would drop dramatically. Everyone ignored what I had to say because they couldn’t see past the immediate benefits. Was it a change for he worse, overall? I’m still not 100% sure but I felt awful about being dismissed for a little critical thinking.

My high payouts disappeared in part because people saw me as a downer, in part because they disagreed with me, and in part because I couldn’t justify putting 3-4 hours into posts which sometimes received 0 views and $0 upvotes even if 1 in 5 would receive a large upvote. I dabbled in shit posting, but felt awful about it and the payout wasn’t even worth it so eventually I just spent less and less time at steemit.

I had started with 0 expectations, but the promise of money led me to believe that I could eventually live the life I’ve alwas dreamed of, writing, sharing ideas and building community and being rewarded for it. It wasn’t the loss of payout that hurt but the thought that I wouldn’t be able to achieve this dream that really got me feeling down. It certainly didn’t help when I saw awful posts and selfish behavior making tons of money on the Trending page.

I went back and forth a few times but in the end I realized that while I couldn’t control the situation I was in, I could control my reaction to it. I decided, in steps, to do everything I could to change the platform for the better and build a strong community of like minded people and get all my focus onto what I could do to make this pace better, rather than just dwelling on what sucked about it. I started putting more thought into my posts again, but not stressing myself out about length and formatting.

Unlike some other users who started around the same time as me, I couldn’t find a community that I fit in with. I liked the people at steemit.chat and Whaleshares, but I felt a bit out of place as someone into spirituality and psychedelic influenced art (but not really into drugs) and as someone who didn’t identify in any way as a supporter of capitalism.

I knew there were tons of awesome people here, some who thought like me and some who didn’t, but I needed a way to connect and a place to myself, so I experimented with ways to make one. I didn’t want to fight with capitalists so an “anti-capitalist” group seemed like a bad idea, I believe we should be cooperating despite our political differences and beliefs. I really love some pro-capitalists I’ve met here, even if I disagree with some of what they say.


I started the Be Awesome chat which aimed to create a chat that was simply for making friends and talking about #deepshit, no monetary incentives, no huge influx of new users asking questions, no attempt to become the biggest thing on steemit. I thought up the Deadpost Initiative which aims to find payout and readers for deadposts. On days when I got pissed off at the way steemit works, I’d rage in posts but I’d try to present ideas that might solve problems. That’s how #steemitzombies and #nobidbot were born.

From the beginning I wanted to be a full time steemian and be able to make a living. I was meant for this place. My dream has always been to help others make a living doing what’s they love without selling out and steemit is just the place to do this, the only problem is that’s it’s hard to be noticed and get that SP when not everyone shares the same ideas that you have. I spent a year not sure if I’d ever be able to make a living here, but I kept trying. Good payouts came and went and I was still a minnow with little influence on the platform.

That all started changing about a month ago. The bidbot problem on the platform has led many people to feel negative about the direction of the platform. But at the same time, they’ve allowed many users who I had previously disagreed with to find common ground, and those people who used to think of me as a dreamer, started to support my ideas. I started getting mentioned 5-6 times a day by users large and small. The #nobidbot tag has spread across the platform and even some top witnesses are using it.

Then a few days ago @kennyskitchen started supporting me with his @tribesteemup account. In an instant, my life has changed. @brightstar who had been struggling herself for much longer with lower payments than I, had just been followed by @tribesteemup, and wrote about me in a post that Kenny read and without warning I got put on his trail.

I did not kiss anyone’s ass. I did not ASK to be put on his trail. I did not sacrifice my values or do anything I didn’t believe in. I was just me, and I just did what I could and stayed positive and someone noticed and told someone else, and it led to a huge change in my life.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know....there is bullshit to be found everywhere, but we can transcend it if we see beyond it. It can be a hard and long struggle, but it can all change in a moment with the right attitude and effort. Your actions reverberate on much further than you can see, but if you believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference, or your ability to reach others within your art or your skills, and you continue to learn and grow, it gets easier, it gets better.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year. I want you all to know that I love the friendships I’ve made and I love the way we rub off on each other. We are building something that goes beyond steemit and will eventually bleed into our daily lives more and more. I want to help as many people as I can to achieve the same success that I have, as we all continue to grow our sphere of influence and create a better environment to enjoy for ourselves and for those who come after us.

Much love,



Join the "Be Awesome" discord community

The Be Awesome discord chat, was created with the intention of making deeper connections with fellow steemians. Come talk about "deep shit" and make friends.

Join Steemit Community Catalyst discord

Come join us look for ways to help minnows grow organically and create a greater sense of community on steemit. #steemitzombies , #nobidbot , the Deadpost Initiative and more project chats inside.

Confessions of the Damaged - a collection of short stories


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Stay awesome man! thanks so much for remembering me!

Congratulation to achieve awesome connected

In the words of the great John Gorka, "If the world ended today, I would adjust."

Glad you're getting traction, and @tribesteemup looks like a nice dolphinmaking project even if it's basically a list of topics I'm not interested in.


It seems to be a wider and wider scope of topics and I'm cool with any dolphinmaking that's based off the appreciation of quality content creators! Thanks!

I'm so happy to hear that you feel things have finally turned around for you @whatamidoing.

I enjoyed reading your story from Day 1 to present and working out where I joined in with it! 😊

I will be checking out the other people being followed by @tribesteemup. I'm sure there will be some great content there!

Congratulations on sticking it out and getting to one year! 😍


I'm still making my way through them, one at a time. If they all pay it forward, there are good days ahead for everyone who is still working at it! I know I will be paying it forward!

Congrats on one year! Be yourself and copy no one else....you are Supersonic! One year for me in five days. Cheers.


You’ve been here that long? Glad we found each other, finally.


Ditto! It has been a strange journey, but I think I have finally found my voice. I hadn't used social media since MySpace....avoided it until Steem!


I know what you mean. This feels like AOL 3.0 to me. Fresh and exciting.

Congratz on having such a successful first year. I love watching you as you work to make a real difference. Not just for you and your group but for the platform as a whole.
It takes a while sometimes but I always pop back in to see what you are up to next.


It seems it's paying off for my own growth, hopefully that will translate to more influence to help others grow ASAP. I have no problem envisioning how idealistic situations could undoubtedly work, the generals about what needs to occur, but the knitty gritty of how it happens on a day to day basis is quite challenging, there are only so many hours in the day!


It's that nitty gritty part that can be troublesome. I try to follow and support people who work on big issues. I personally have trouble just keeping up with working on my account. I remember you told me once the amount of engagement required to grow is huge. You were so right. On top of that there are so very many worth while causes to support.
The way you encourage collaboration is great. I hope as your group grows you may find it easier to accomplish the day to day stuff.

the amazing people I’ve met here surprised me, and so did the ability I had to make a difference at the platform.

You are and have been making a difference, by being you :>)

I went back and forth a few times but in the end I realized that while I couldn’t control the situation I was in, I could control my reaction to it.

Wise words!

I knew there were tons of awesome people here, some who thought like me and some who didn’t, but I needed a way to connect and a place to myself, so I experimented with ways to make one.

In the end, it's all about connections.

From the beginning I wanted to be a full time steemian and be able to make a living. I was meant for this place. My dream has always been to help others make a living doing what’s they love without selling out and steemit is just the place to do this

Hear! Hear!

but it can all change in a moment with the right attitude and effort.

So true :>)

You're awesome! <3

P.S.Apparently, I just entered Steemit after hardfork 19 The end of june, last year. So my anniversary needs to wait a little longer.

It will be the most fun anniversary I've had in years though and not just because of Steemit and because I've met people like you unhere, but also of the overall improvement, changes in my day to day life :>)


If my second year here is as good as the first (spoiler: it will be) we are going to have all kinds of crazy adventures to share by the time our second year anniversary posts come around. I anticipate more steem meetups these next 12-18 months, a lot more.


Your second year will probably be better. On - and outside of - Steemit.

I feel we're about to go on a wild ride, surpassing our wildest expectations.

And yes, I am very much looking forward to Steemit meetups

Bom dia! :>)

Now that was a good read. I'm glad your stuck around, pineapple :D


Ps happy steemday!

I'm so inspired by #nobidbot and I feel good every time I use it.

Isn't it funny how different we all are? Some people can come on here and be selfish and try to wring it out for themselves, just like we see constantly out in the world. But then others can't do that, for whatever reason. I've always wondered why are some people one way and others the opposite? Is it simply that some people have not yet moved past their propensity to "think thin", an abstracted spreadsheet view of everything as units to be moved around and so therefore they feel okay in treating everything like units? Ugh. I don't know.

But I have loved the whole #nobidbot initiative and so it thrills me to see that you have stuck to your principles and they are paying off for you. Well done :)


I think it all boils down to trust and creativity, neither of which are really passed on to us through our education systems. When people trust others they show the better side of human nature, they trust life and themselves and they know that they just need to be their best selves in order to succeed. If they are playful and creative, they explore and try everything and don't just follow a herd mentality so easily

thanks for the kind words

Happy Steemit anniversary!

@tribesteemup is making a big difference in people's lives. They're adding so many people. I wonder how far it will spread. Can you imagine if we got another big supporter? Or two? Imagine all these people gaining power on here and that spreading out...🌈


Totally. And I'm just thinking about what all these awesome people are going to do with their upvotes which will end up significantly larger thanks to these kinds of initiatives which distribute the wealth in a healthy way! Imagine when we both have our own similar initiatives like tribesteemup and crazy delegation!

Hi, Pine and congratulations on your yearly subscription in a coop.


Hahaha you make me feel like a chicken! Great to be alive and great to be a chicken!

I been recently found my way to your channel and reading your post, I really enjoy them and have help me understand the steem experience. This is a nice gem.

Am still fairly new to this steem game, but in the short few weeks am learning about your campaigns, it was #steemitzombies and then #nobidbot tags that I just started to use, and I think they really help and are great way to make this platform better.
and last night I signed into the discord groups, even tho am still in my beginning of my steem journey, I filled with great excitement and hope of the possibilities as you stated in this post.



Get to know everyone there! So many great people and we will all be dolphins soon! I will do everything I can to make sure that happens to everyone who is just being themselves and sharing their truths.

Congratulations on 1 year, @whatamidoing! Big love. I finally joined the discord channels you have listed on the end of your blogs, hope to see you there soon! I appreciate your dedication to your relationships here, and the good of Steem.


Stick around! It gets quiet sometimes but it's full of great people!

Congratulations on a year here! You've certainly helped inspire us fresh faces both through your discord and all the initiatives you've started. I've always loved your blunt honesty and how all your posts are genuine and have that pineapple flavour you don't see anywhere else. Stick around man, and keep being awesome. Here's to another great year. Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring so many people in different ways.


It's funny how I've really come to embody the pineapple, it was just a random choice, a half-assed quick attempt at finding a profile pic from the internet, and I have slowly fallen in love with it.

I hope my second year has lots of meetups! I want to meet everyone!

Really inspiring words, I'm on-board with you, let's see what we can create, congrats and thanks!


Glad to have you in our chat! Let's talk sometimes :-)

This was so inspiring to read for so many reasons. I love how you detailed your journey through all the good and the bad. Not just some more I did this and this will work stuff. You remained true to yourself and what you believe in and this is what paid off in the end. Sure its more frustrating and harder but in my opinion is the only way to go if you want to build something that you are proud. Thank you for sharing your journey.


It really does pay off to just be you, but I’ve had to keep challenging myself to become a better and better version of myself. I’m glad you understand why I wrote this post, it wasn’t s self congratulatory post. I want others to find the success I’m starting to find now.

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Congratulations on anniversary. I myself am so loong behind


You will get there!

Congrats on the milestone. Many more ahead, hopefully.

Congrats. Keep up the good work.

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and that is my goal to keep myself healthy..

Congrats on your anniversary, man! I can't remember if I ever told you this, so here I go: You've been of great help to the minnow community on Steemit! And I am happy that you finally got the support of some bigger guys. Thank you for doing what you do 🙇


Thanks dude! I never intended to do much more than write here, but I love the idea of helping others make a living doing what the love....not much sp to my name yet, but I try to do what I can and hope others will do the same for me :-D Do you discord?


Do you discord?

No that much to be honest. I used to hang in the Bulgarian Discord channel last year when I didn't have much to do at work :) I will have some spare time at the end of this week, so I will stop by Be Awesome to say hi.


Nice, I find it’s easy to stay connected with friends that I can find on discord:-)