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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the absence last week I was under the weather. Nothing serious just a lot o f rest. But now that I am feeling better its back to steemit. I see we are in the running for a spot in netcoins and all we need to win it is votes votes votes. Anyone can vote and we need as many people as we can. And if you are wondering if this is something steemit wants, they do. Ned has posted about it as well.

Here is the link:

Just scroll down, enter your email and vote for steem. We are currently in third.

You can also vote everyday so please return :)




#3205 - DONE!

netcoins vote.PNG

In second place now, moved ahead of Verge!

my fist vote

this is my 2nd vote
vote 2.jpg
and here is my 3rd one !

and going to vote my 4th one soon ! haha!

I love steem so much and I can do anything for its success! @whatageek
Steem to moon!


We Must Unite to Win.🙌

I've done that daily for three days now... Hopefully with this many steemians voting, we'll win!

ALL VOTE !! (please) This can make the steem price go up a lot! I voted already two days in a row. We are 2nd now and gaining fast on number 1.

yees we reached second place! Third time i am voting!


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Yep, looking good at no.1 now :) Thnx for the head up with your post

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