More Good News For Steemit: Articles And An Increase In The Price Of Steem

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If you have not come across this Crypto NewsZ has written a piece on steemit. It is small but has a nice title to it:

There is also another piece about steemit by Tech World. It is always nice to see articles in non-crypto sites. It is about trying out steemit and crypto as a user who is new to both worlds. The article is pretty positive and if you get a chance I think you should check it out:

And lastly how about that price of steem. We are in the green again and are passed the 40 cent mark. It is getting excited but until bitcoin passes the 4.2k (or 4.5k depending on who you ask) we might still be in a bear market.

Go steemit.



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Awesome nice to see swiftcash getting distributed on Steemit!

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Nice... Been waiting for such news for a long time...😂😂😂

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So happy finally some good news!

41 ranked “coin” from the top is a sign of getting closer to hitting top 20 soon,

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Yeah Im just hoping the price can hold over the weekend.

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Steem to the moon.

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Good news and we hope steem getting better and better

Yes! SBD is now starting to print normally again so the market has definitely improved!

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