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No rules this time, just comment and I will come here over the weekend and give upvotes. I do not know how many or what percent but I will try to get to everyone over the next couple of days.

And next week I will probably run some fun contests so keep an eye open for them. They will be open to everyone and not be too taxing so I hope you join them. The prizes will be upvotes and I will pick a lot of runner-ups. The plan is to run a contest everyday when I get on a schedule.

Have a great weekend steem.



Glad to you sir @whatageek keep support always respectable boss

i am a new steemian i don't have 100sp. I hope you consider me for your help.

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Hope you like the site :)

Thank your for doing this
have a great weekend too :)

Hope you had a nice weekend.

I will wait for you to run an extraordinary contest. Everyone can be a winner and everyone feels happiness.

Thanks for your good heart. Your upvote will go a long way

Hope to get notice Sir.
New to the platform, Follow for now.
English not too good.
Have invested some $$$ .

Hope you do well here :)

Thank you Sir

As always, thanks bro.

Really you doing very good job and thank you for your great work

The doll looked very happy he was like seeing something he really liked, and his tears soaked all his eyes so that his eyes looked teary.

Oh no! I just came to know you and its your last day! 😭😢 anyways i will take part in your contests for sure!

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I hope you do, they will be open to everyone.

It is very good to have the support of people like @whatageek, and as a comment of the post, I could only say that it is a cute kitten in a jungle of steemians. thanks for this support.

Kind action from you @whatageek.
I have more than 100sp since I delegated some part it appears in partiko less than 50.

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Here is an upvote anyway.

I really need an upvote to help my rep.

Here you go.

Upvoted and Resteemed for my followers with less than 100 SP

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Wow... very kind

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Same thing I was really happy about I'm glad he's doing this to help raise little accounts

I don't have 100SP

wow, you are really trying for us minnows at this trying times.... God bless you @whatageek
more greese to your elbow

Glad to see your post.Great helping post.I have less 100 sp.Thanks alot for your good support.@dear.

Impressive! More power to your elbow bro.

I'm here !

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Thank you for your support sir. I have less than 100SP.

I would love a vote, thank you, such a kind offer.

You are doing great work @whatageek wish you all the best and looking forward for competition

i have more than 100 sp. Wow !! this is Awesome

thanks :)

Thank you @whatageek.

I wanted to stop by and thank you so VERY much for the upvote and all that you are doing for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! Again, you are GREATLY appreciated! I'm REALLY looking forward to the fun contests! All the VERY best my Friend! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

So real, so nice. It takes beyond a geek but one with a generous heart to give without expecting. Thanks so dearly @whatageek.

Wow you are still doing this :)
Thanks for the support :D

I ain't gat 100sp please kindly upvote me sir

I'm glad I didn't let the number of comments on your last post discourage me from commenting, thanks for the upvote. I am grateful!

I also have less than 100sp , 🤡

I’m under 100 sp, this sucks waiting for enough RC to regenerate

wow, free upvote? , am eligible also

Hit me an upvote sir

Am so happy, please hit me an upvote i have less than 5sp

I'm here ^.^

oh its so kind , :) maybe i can be lucky and get one , :)

hello ,its interesting what you do , :)

and i'm here ^^

Help a brother with an upvote. 🤥

Its kind of you :)

Hi @whatageek, thank you ^_*

Cool concept. Yeah not so much steem power here. lol

I am here too

Hello! friend! I will not write with a lot of decorations. I hope to be a winning comment. And if I do not get to receive the special vote. At least I want you to see my profile. I am a musician and I want support for artists. Thank you! Greetings from Venezuela

Cant wait for any longer for next weeks contest...big ups man

I like contests. I'm already going to participate :)
Have a great weekend too 😊

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This is extremely nice of you, thank you! Followed

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Damn I’m inspired to drop likes too

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I will be voting for you as witness.

Sup dude. Thanks in advance. Foxes are cool bro.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Great time to find you, I'm just below 100 SP, I'll keep an eye out for the contests! Cheers!

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Thanks for your continuous support @whatageek. I have less than 100sp

Hello @whatageek
I hope you consider me too.
I have a very low SP that is very far below 100sp.


You do the good thing)

Thanks for all your support.

I am so glad i saw this post. Your upvote would help me a lot. Thank you so much sir.

@bidesign I am an active steem user need this.

Intisar is here😎

I think i have not 100sp :D

Thanks so much @whatageek, great way to ease the transition post HF20!

Wow...... This is laudable. Thanks for giving to humanity. You are gold.

@whatageek thankyou for this kind gesture

what the beautiful cat

I wish this was real

I would also like to participate, but I do not have 100sp

I will definitely appreciate the kind gesture

Good day sir @whatageek !! I'm quite old in steemit but i'm on hiatus for almost 8 months but now I am back!! Glad to see there are people like you who wants to help fellow steemians!! I have below 100 sp

Great Initiative you're doing. As a Dolphin always rooting for the underdog...well I really love this :)

Good 💡...great work

Mind if I join?

I have less than 10sp kind sir

I'm also under 100 sp

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