DTUBE CONTEST FOR 60 SBD ($180 USD) - Make Yourself A Geeky Theme Song

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"I want to be the very best like no one ever was" (Pokemon theme song.)

Who doesn't want a theme song? Maybe when you enter a room or get changed. The contest is to make a geeky theme song for yourself or for whatever geeky topic you want. It can be gaming, marvel, comics, board games, art, whatever. I do not want any video (but you won't be disqualified if you add it), the goal is to focus on the audio. But the rules stop there. You can make it a sick guitar rift or make funny noises with your mouth. Pew pew laser gun noises are always funny. It can have lyrics or just a mix of sounds. I will be picking a mix of highest quality to funniest ones so everyone has a chance. And it doesn't have to be geeky it can be a cool rock song with a video game reference thrown in.

As for length think the beginning of a cartoon. Like the awesome Pokemon theme song. But you will not be penalized as long as it is over 10 seconds. You want to make me a whole opera go for it :p. And please don't make a fool of yourself, if you are shy or want to run for president one day (though he has been recorded doing much worse :p), make it without your voice and face. There are free audio mixing programs out there you can play with.

I want you to upload it to dtube and then post the video or link in the comments. This will help to support dtube which is a steem version of youtube. You can also use youtube (I want this contest tobe open to steem and non-steem people) but try for dtube. And if any @dtube staff is reading this please help spread the word for the contest, your support is appreciated.

Here are more contest details:

  • There will be 4 winners who get 15 SBD each.
  • Contest ends two weeks from today (May 21, 2017)
  • Original work only

And please resteem, tweet, bug your friends IRL. This contest is for all the geeks out there. And if you are new, welcome to steem, it is free to sign up. So get in here you geek :p.

Good luck to everyone. :)



The Red Queen

(Dtube Link)

(Steemit Link)

I have a lot of other random stuff I have produced as well on my soundcloud. > https://soundcloud.com/downlaodmyshit

Thank you @whatageek for putting on this awesome contest! I look forward to checking the other entries out as well!


That brings back memories, nice mix.

One of my favorite game series ever! Thank you!

Hey thanks for this competition! I tried my hand at loops and recording some geeky lyrics for you all :D
Title: All the Geek in Me
snap (29).jpg

Here it is my contribution from Dtube :
snap (8).jpg

Sick , it has a sci fi and gaming feel.

@whatageek This is a theme of mine that I have brought up recently, I would like to enter the contest, I hope you like it. nest.jpg

Dtube Link:

Soundcloud Link:

Follow Michaellsdeep:
» Twitter: bit.ly/2G7cEq6
» Instagram: bit.ly/2rAVFYO
» SoundCloud: bit.ly/2rzXy7T

I like the beat, I picture strolling down the street with it playing.

Thank you very much, I'm very happy that you liked it, even if I didn't qualify, I managed to catch your attention and it excites me!

In my Soundcloud there are many other songs, I'll be getting more soon, thanks for listening to me!

Hi! This is my entry! :)


Thanks! xD

Thanks for the following or unfollowing. :-) All the best in this ego/weirdo world of artists...wich i m trying to understand it :-)

Sick, I can picture that in several games.

Oh yeah!! Me too! xD
Thanks bro!

I made my track for this contest. Thx for the chance.

YES! Sounds like a kick ass mega man x level. Great job.

So thanks bro. Yeah!

Well i finally gathered the guts to post this lame entry ....lol.


Better than I can do with an instrument :p.

Hi, this is my entry for the contest. Hope you like it!

Hi! I wrote this little piece of Horse Power for the contest



lol it sounds like the theme of a weird 80s cartoon, awesome.

haha, thanks for the challenge it was so much fun to do it!

Here is my contribution:

Thanks for the contest!!!

Thanks for the entry

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