DTUBE CONTEST FOR 60 SBD ($180 USD) - Make Yourself A Geeky Theme Song

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"I want to be the very best like no one ever was" (Pokemon theme song.)

Who doesn't want a theme song? Maybe when you enter a room or get changed. The contest is to make a geeky theme song for yourself or for whatever geeky topic you want. It can be gaming, marvel, comics, board games, art, whatever. I do not want any video (but you won't be disqualified if you add it), the goal is to focus on the audio. But the rules stop there. You can make it a sick guitar rift or make funny noises with your mouth. Pew pew laser gun noises are always funny. It can have lyrics or just a mix of sounds. I will be picking a mix of highest quality to funniest ones so everyone has a chance. And it doesn't have to be geeky it can be a cool rock song with a video game reference thrown in.

As for length think the beginning of a cartoon. Like the awesome Pokemon theme song. But you will not be penalized as long as it is over 10 seconds. You want to make me a whole opera go for it :p. And please don't make a fool of yourself, if you are shy or want to run for president one day (though he has been recorded doing much worse :p), make it without your voice and face. There are free audio mixing programs out there you can play with.

I want you to upload it to dtube and then post the video or link in the comments. This will help to support dtube which is a steem version of youtube. You can also use youtube (I want this contest tobe open to steem and non-steem people) but try for dtube. And if any @dtube staff is reading this please help spread the word for the contest, your support is appreciated.

Here are more contest details:

  • There will be 4 winners who get 15 SBD each.
  • Contest ends two weeks from today (May 21, 2017)
  • Original work only

And please resteem, tweet, bug your friends IRL. This contest is for all the geeks out there. And if you are new, welcome to steem, it is free to sign up. So get in here you geek :p.

Good luck to everyone. :)


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The Red Queen

(Dtube Link)

(Steemit Link)

I have a lot of other random stuff I have produced as well on my soundcloud. > https://soundcloud.com/downlaodmyshit

Thank you @whatageek for putting on this awesome contest! I look forward to checking the other entries out as well!


very cool sounds :D

That brings back memories, nice mix.

One of my favorite game series ever! Thank you!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hey thanks for this competition! I tried my hand at loops and recording some geeky lyrics for you all :D
Title: All the Geek in Me
snap (29).jpg

Geeky nostalgia :)

Here it is my contribution from Dtube :
snap (8).jpg

Sick , it has a sci fi and gaming feel.

@whatageek This is a theme of mine that I have brought up recently, I would like to enter the contest, I hope you like it. nest.jpg

Dtube Link:

Soundcloud Link:

Follow Michaellsdeep:
» Twitter: bit.ly/2G7cEq6
» Instagram: bit.ly/2rAVFYO
» SoundCloud: bit.ly/2rzXy7T

I like the beat, I picture strolling down the street with it playing.

Thank you very much, I'm very happy that you liked it, even if I didn't qualify, I managed to catch your attention and it excites me!

In my Soundcloud there are many other songs, I'll be getting more soon, thanks for listening to me!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi! This is my entry! :)


wow.. nice sounds :D

Thanks! xD

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for the following or unfollowing. :-) All the best in this ego/weirdo world of artists...wich i m trying to understand it :-)

Sick, I can picture that in several games.

Oh yeah!! Me too! xD
Thanks bro!

  ·  last year (edited)

I made my track for this contest. Thx for the chance.

YES! Sounds like a kick ass mega man x level. Great job.

So thanks bro. Yeah!

Well i finally gathered the guts to post this lame entry ....lol.


Better than I can do with an instrument :p.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi, this is my entry for the contest. Hope you like it!

Hi! I wrote this little piece of Horse Power for the contest



lol it sounds like the theme of a weird 80s cartoon, awesome.

haha, thanks for the challenge it was so much fun to do it!

Here is my contribution:

Thanks for the contest!!!

Thanks for the entry

If I win, I can fix my glasses (I hate this tape....)

To new glasses :p

My entry into the contest......hope you like it.

Let me know how acquire sbd contest....

I like your style, I would like to help contribute to the prize please contact me on Discord if your are interested.

Hey man, you as well, we both write scifi. I'll hit you up later if I am on, if not for this maybe we can work together on other projects.

Good Luck for you

To think I was gonna keep my geeky song project to myself, now I just want to finish it in time to share it with this awesome community. SO glad I joined!! 😁

My tip for the final number of comments: 672

lol awesome.

Anytime @whatageek holds a contest... entries are always super much... the last big one you held you didn't even comment on the drawing I made of the avengers... makes me feel like you didn't even see my entry... that hurts though

I saw your posts, you did two if I recall, one was of Gambit. I gave them some upvotes i think. Here is a 40% upvote just in case to let you know I appreciate your work. :)

No I drew the cap standing next to Thor ... thanks for the upvote though really appreciate

I hope this page will be able to cope with those hundreds of audio and video data ;)

Dammit man....you lost me at Dtube

It can be youtube too, was just trying to help other steemit apps.


Nice incentives man,
keep it up!

I so would love to participate but am so not creative, I don't have a single creative bone in me. Good luck to all .

very nice and informative post ever...many many thanks to share with us

So I hate my voice but I make instrumentals if that counts? lol

No voice required :).

Perfect I have one I made were I sampled the first Resident Evil movie lol. Will get it on dtube asap and leave it in the comments!

wonderful platform is a dtube

I like it

I liked it

Only music or lyrics too?

you can do only music

Hy all I just started to giveaway SBD on MY BLOG Check to participate

  ·  last year (edited)

Great contest. I will take part in. and follow his style. Pokemon theme is very funny, please wait for my entry.

@whatageek Here it is my song. I hope you like it:

If anyone wants 3d animation video for their entry let me know, I have tons of comic book/movie characters 3d models. Everything from deadpool to pokemon to ninja turtles.Will do for free but you have to split prize with me if you win.

great !!!

Reebloq pos yu

Hi great contest. We can post directly here the link?

Link to youtube or dtube works.

Jazz / Rock Ringtone. Yes I know, Garageband.

Many ears will bleed with some audios. I have never tried to play an instrument. I think the only one was a piano game. luck to the participants.

  ·  last year (edited)

This is my first comment i dont have even a post, i dont know even how to upvote, but im learning.......
im new on this site


i will make a geeky theme song. wait and watch sir

Sorry, I can not sing, but your competition will support the repost. Good luck in your business.@whatageek

Hi, @whatageek:


Glad to participate in your game, this is my original song, I hope more people to participate in this game, and support the development of Dtube!


Dtube《Have you accompany》

This is a very fast song, it can bring you happiness, I will this song as a "fantastic song", in this song, friendship Beach Carnival to accompany you!

Let's have a party together, "I'll be with you" (٩>◡<๑)۶


I am @allen, thanks for watching!


  ·  last year (edited)

Regards! Happy to hear Music from so many amazing people out there! Congrats! Here's my composition in a "electro-balkan" style on wich beside composing it, i've recorded the bulgarian kaval/ alto saxophone/ voice & percussions! Stephan ( a very talented musician from Romania) played on trumpet Hope you'll enjoy the Art/Music!

Hey @, great post! GOOD
I enjoy your content Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see nice content on Steemit! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

May I submit this song for consideration @sutter The first 10 seconds. I can create a snit bit file and attempt to meet the conforms of the requirements.

Did you make it?


the link doesn't work. Can you repost.

You should add something on your site http://www.christiansutter.com/about/ to know its you, I see it on the site, a bit more clarification would help a lot.

I created http://www.daddykid.net for the album. I can put something there too.

I can do that. I'll update the website in the morning.

[email protected] can i make a song name band of gold

Only Music or Liric too Bro?

It can be only music

Can i use keyboard or download a beat online for the music @whatageek

keyboard works.

Very nice post!

Dsound could be a perfect tool for this right?

You can use dsound too :)

iyi bir yarışma olacak

Excellent friend contest! good luck to everyone

Thanks!! :)

Thanks for the tips on choosing and having a theme song

great publication! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always good to see good content her

i like it thanx you steemit suport me

Nice and amazing..i like this

A lot of your news

Congratulations @whatageek!
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I'm so excited. Even if I don't win this is so much fun..

Well this will be fun... :)

Well you said it ... we can make funny sounds with our mouth ... really gonna enjoy this

Can't wait to submit my entry ... will be the first time I will be using dtube though ... this is gonna be fun!!!

Good to see that my idea inspired this :)

I will definetaly try to make a track XD

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wow.it's amazing.best wishes for everyone.

Awesome idea! I want to participate! Yes to more connection and practice as a collective! love and gratitude! @whatageek followed, up-voted and shared! follow us back for more abundance!

I would like to partecipate, but where i can share the song. TKS

There are many wishing to sing and the emergence of their talents that do not know how to reach the public

Awesome idea! One of those things we all secretly hope for, possibly even hum to ourselves. Excited to see what comes out of it!

lol so it is not just me :p

Hello @whatageek graciasss, bueno mi gente más finoooo a dar sonido a las palabras y frases sin sentido!!!!!!!! piti bam, piti bom, piti bum, upa upa epa epa... jajajajajaja

Hi, everyone!
Would you like to have your song used as a theme of my series?

I like you moves man you the mixer dj pro. I know how to make bybusing vertualdj but how do I join this contest I have no idea I am newbie here ...music is my life I loveam mixing music it makes me feel better..

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I hope anybody can help me for this thank you!!!!!

Nice, i will join :-)

follow me

If anyone wants 3d animation video for their entry let me know, I have tons of comic book/movie characters 3d models. Everything from deadpool to pokemon to ninja turtles.Will do for free but you have to split prize with me if you win.

I think this contest is excellent ... I will participate, I will re-celebrate and I will vote so that everyone participates and becomes part of this ... From #venezuela supporting their work ...

Oh my World! This is the best promo contest i have ever seen. 15SBD per winner? That's way too selfless and generous of you @whatageek... Keep doing the good works... Bless ya!

wao interesante concurso me gustaría participar

i have give you an upvote please come also to me in this post

Mmm it sounds interesting, I do not lose trying, honestly trying something in Steemit is always beneficial 😊

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @whatageek! This is a cool contest. I like making contests myself but just simple ones. Would it be okay if I tie this up with another contest? I am thinking of making a post by referring others here to this contest to join or choose who they like and then I will choose among those who joined through my post who I will give reward to.

Go for it :)

The price is not worth for making a song. 50% of the 7days post earning would be worth the effort. Bots not included.

I don't know what a upload ,,, just eror give me, please help me

Have you tried d.tube and youtube?

Already vote you

Wow this is amazing. Ama try it out


Great I'll think of a good entry and win the contest ... thanks friend ..... that pokemon song is the maximum hahaha

Hey hey hey, I'm a music producer, I'd love to enter this competition!

amigos de steemit aqui les dejo mi entrada para este concurso, exito para todos los participantes.
snap (1).jpg


I cannot get the video to load.

@whatageek, I will contribute to this contest, although my voice is not good, and my english is not good.😍😎

You don't have to sing it can be music only :)

ok master, thank you very much

Wow, nice post