Whale wars - I'd Take @krnel Over This Shit

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Hi battle fans,
This post is a couple of days old but worth a look.

Whale wars newcomer @schattenjaeger talks about a problem we all are familiar with.
Crap posters with big pockets upvoting themselves to trendy page with massive bot abuse.

He starts...

@krnel and I have had our differences, and will continue to do so, but looking at the Trending Page these days, it does make me feel nostalgic for the days when we at least had to pretend that our content was good, intellectual, philosophical, meaningful and such shit. It at least made the community look better, and Steemit look less like a desperate money grab where the posts are just an excuse.

I mean come on.

He posted the following picture

It has the following stats...
2 days ago by schattenjaeger (70)$45.27
95 votes
replies 44
Views 436

Some good comments...

But I won't say anymore at this point. To read the post, please check below.
I will resteem too.


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