Steemit Sucks heres why

in steemit •  8 months ago

I know how vegans are on facebook, angry hatful mob of malnourished idiots. I thought steemit would be different but its even worse than facebook. Facebook censors the sheep but here/steemit the sheep censor the sheep.

So when I made truthful post about Vegan diet and how its ridiculous it is. Read the post see why. Point is minimal gains in steem lost to mob of haters. Cant even imagine how it would play out when I call abortion baby murder I will be in negative steam I guess. Since reach is dependent on Steem and my reach on Fakebook is still few hundred thousand a week I am sadly back on my many fakebook pages and profiles.

Hopefully steemit will get their steamy shit together and stop letting mob rule.

Also seems no one but a few of the usual suspects can upload video. Not much time searching you will see many other problems but this is one unresolved since beginning.

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