We published news reports about Steemit and Blockchain in Japan

in steemit •  last year 

Our news reporter(@naokii ) published articles about steemit, blockchain technology and token economy (in Japanese, We hope you to use Google Translate...).


Steemit Meetup in Tokyo

1, The reporter posted the column about the Steemit Meetup in Tokyo.

Thank you for @threebagsfull, @karensuestudios, @acromott, @steemitjp and other participants.

2, We delivered article introducing the possibilities of the blockchain in a wide range of industries.

Thank you.


こちらでご紹介させていただきます。@threebagsfullさんや@steemitjp さん、関係者の皆様、取材へのご協力ありがとうございました。

経済メディアqBiz「フェイスブックにブーイング Steemit交流会で起きる」

西日本新聞経済面掲載「ブロックチェーン活用広がる 医療や農業、製造分野」

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It's an interesting activity, Thank you!

Good read .


Thank you for your commenrt.

That's wonderful. Thank you for sharing this information in the media there!


Thank you, We will post the news article in English next Monday or Tuesday. I hope you'll like it.

amazing post i love to read this post. oustanding articles... i really love it.....
you are such a nice person20952715_114419852601241_4321837320073379840_n.gif

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