Up -Date on surgery

in steemit •  2 years ago

                                                     Hey all  

                 My surgery went well . I am now at home resting :)

                Thank you everyone who helped me through it 

           Me having fun while waiting for my pills to be ready 

                            Keep on steeming for me lol :)

                                     As I said before 

                       I might not be able to get on everyday 

                         Doctores has me on major pills 

                          Well All Take Care



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You look beautiful! And very happy lol I've missed you take good care of yourself goodnight❤️❤️


Awe Thank you :) I am just happy to be home . I missed you as well . have a great night my friend <3 <3


I hope your feeling ok🌷


@cecirod1218 Thank you I am feeling okay :))


Awe Thank you @cecirod1218 :))

Take care! <3
We miss you but we will be here when you are ready to return :)


Thank you @creativesoul :) I miss you all too :) I am not fully ready to return but as I can I will come on :))

Hey there :) i am happy you got through that surgery just fine, So take a rest from steemit, but music might help you. and hey mom, take care of yourself :)


Thank you @hafray :) I will get on when I am more rested .

Glad to know you are recovering well and feeling better. Blessings to you - Troy

I missed that you were having a surgery. Hope you are recovering well. =)


Awe it's okay @chelsea88 Thank you sweetie :)) I have been sleeping a lot :))

Glad everything went okay. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Have a good rest.


Thank you @janiko ::)) I appreciate it :))