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Jan 1 2018, I enjoyed another great day in office today.

We were supposed to have a holiday today, so we could have enjoyed our day at home with family, but when one person is in to job he’s never able to have his hands free for moment.

Although in my scenario I didn’t have anything to do today in my office but yet I had to attend it.

So the whole day I sat on my chair and with two Systems in front of me, I thought to list down all of those things that

I would try to achieve at any cost in 2018.

So I am now thinking to write a paragraph on new year resolution.

I will list down many of them in this article, many of them might not help you but you will surely find few of them to use full for you!

I will be writing a paragraph on new year resolution by collecting different resolutions that people made around the world.

So here below we are going to enjoy them!

Most of the credit goes to REDDIT. I got a lot of content from it.

Before reading this, You can also check out why Aim in life is important.

#1 Become a sociable person:

If I am writing a paragraph on new year resolution, I would never miss a chance to write about this.

Through out my life I have a lot of introvert people. Being introvert isn’t bad, but being introvert can also kills your personality.

Usually people who are introvert are very short at friends due to their less talking and sharing abilities.

Introvert people always feel drained when they are around others, they want attentions of others but yet they are insecure with it.

I don’t ask you to be an extrovert and say everything that passes through your mind but if you’re a introvert then it’s really something you should change.

Try to become a more social person, it helps a lot and bring more happiness to life.

Make out plans with friends and families, go to cinemas or games with friends to enjoy. This is life.

#2 Quit Smoking:

Quit Smoking

I hate smoking and so does everyone or may be not everyone but more of them.

Smokers are usually considered bad people and even if they are good with relations and are sociable person with good attitude, if you’re smoking your first impression will always be nothing but worst.

So for people who are smokers, this particular paragraph on new year resolution can your way to go.

Make it your new year resolution and achieve it by quitting your bad habit of smoking.

It will be hard but will worth it.!

#3 Quit Sodas & Beers:

Quit Sodas & Beers

If I am writing a paragraph on new year resolution, I will not fall back on mentioning this.

As of cigarette/smokers, this is another bad habit that waste a lot of your money.

People don’t like those who are so into this bad stuff of drinking Beers.

It’s time for you to think about it, are you a addicted person to Sodas & Beers?

If yes then this should be yours new year resolution.

You know it will be hard but let me confirm you this isn’t something that’s not achievable.

#4 Find your Workout strategy:

Find your Workout strategy

This is especially for those, who eats a lot.

Eating a lot of food isn’t something bad, but doing nothing after eating something except eating is bad.

There are many benefits of having a diet plan or else a workout plan.

You wanna live longer and have many more new years resolutions?

Then you shouldn’t fall back to choose this as your New Year Resolution, because everyone likes to stay healthy, and you should become the part of this everyone.!

#5 Spend Less, Save More:

Spend Less, Save More

Well writing a paragraph on new years resolutions, here’s the most favorite of mine.

To be honest I have been into job from last 5 months and being honest I didn’t saved a single penny.

I think that if with the same pace, I will keep on spending money, I won’t be able to save another single penny for next 10 years.

I would love you to be part of this campaign as well, one should understand that there can be hard moments too, so you should save money for hard times just as the squirrel does saves a lot of food for winter season.

I think that will be all for explaining how important is this.

#6 Stop biting your own Nails:

Stop biting your own Nails

This is very self explanatory, biting your own nails is considered not a good act and one shouldn’t do it.

If you’re addicted to this bad habit, then this is the time for you to make it your New Year Resolution and stop biting your own nails.

We have Nail Cutters for some reason.

#7 Quit Fast Food:

Quit Fast Food

Fast food is always considered as a bad food intake.

People usually love to spend more on these stuff rather then taking care of them with taking valuable proteins.

How often do you eat fast food?

Think about it, if you think yourself as an addicted person to it, here’s your time to make it your new year resolution.

Kill this bad habit & start taking good organic food.

#8 Be Nice To Every One:

Be Nice To Every One

Now this is what we all need as our new year resolution, figure out what things in 2017 or what statement hurt you worst.

Try to figure those people who broke your heart in 2017 and list down those things which were not so good to you in last year.

Then figure out that either you also do the same stuff?

If yes, then you might need to change yourself this year, you might wanna change your life with being nice to others, because in return you feel good.

#9 Focus On Studying:

Focus On Studying

Being a student, it was something I used to hate always.

As of now, when I am on job I got to knew that this is seriously important.

This new year resolution can be perfect for students.

Those who think that being a student is worst, you can change yourself this year.

I don’t ask you to become a bookworm, but there’s nothing bad in being a person which clear vision and goals.

Most of your goals can be achieved only by being good in studying, and studying is not all about reading books.

#10 To get less Fat:

To get less Fat

This one is hard, but if you’re a sport lover and with this word (Sports Lover), I doesn’t mean that you should be a lover.

That means that if you’re doing regular game, football, cricket, running/jogging, etc.

Then you can easily reduce your fat.

In last few months due to my job I am not able to practice football.

I feel like getting fat over my belly, because my job is to sit in front of computer each and every day and work on some task.

This is surely my new year resolution with few others.

There can be thousands of new year resolutions I can mention under this article and year can read over the internet, but the reality is that you gotta have to choose and choosing them isn’t enough.

You should implement them on your life which is actually important.

2017 I made many resolutions and I achieved few of them. It’s for sure that you can’t achieve all, else you compromise a lot. Try to quit your bad habits one by one, not all at once.

I am mentioning some more new year resolutions under this article, and you can have a look on them to.

Writing a book. [Anything, autobiography, research, etc]
Improving your posture.
Running with calculated miles.
Eating better, Losing weight.
Saving animals.
Become a social worker.
Becoming more confident.
Stop doing drugs.
Eliminate your credit card debits.
Learning some language others than your mother language.
Saving money to travel somewhere in the world.
Finding a good paying job.
To be less judgmental.
Improve in studies, school, job.
Cut your unproductive internet use.
Happy figuring out yours NYR in this paragraph on new year resolution.

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