A Steemit plankton's voting power: lesson learnt

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When I re-started my efforts to blog on Steemit, I read a couple of lines of chat in the Steemit Telegram community I was part of that went something like this:

SteemianA: Why do people still upvote when their votes don't have any value?
SteamianB: LOL maybe because they just wanted to show their appreciation?

Seriously, those are only two lines, but until today it stuck in my mind. As a n00b and plankton, I thought, duh of course it's to show their appreciation. I do that myself! Upvote someone even though my upvote is of no value.

And I kept doing that. Reading and learning more techniques as I continue using this platform, I attempted to expand my value by following curation trails on SteemAuto, indiscriminately upvoting, and even started delegating my Steem power. I really thought I was doing the community a favour by giving back, although in Steemit reality I wasn't giving anything at all. At the back of my mind, I constantly reminded myself to watch my voting power from depleting.

My voting power has only recently looked like the Steemd screenshot above. Before this, it was constantly at a 60 to 70 percent level, which, for a plankton like me, doesn't really matter in a way because even at 100% power, my upvote only costs 0.01.

I knew, from reading the advice of the dolphins and higher, that it's better to resteem and comment well on a post, that it'll bring more value to the authors. But I DIDN'T GET IT. That thought didn't click in my head.

Then recently, I joined a Steemit Discord community called Dynamic Steemians, and one of the requirements was that members must follow a curation trail to promote their content. Another curation trail? I thought.

When I checked my stats, my voting power was at 50%. For the first time in my Steemit experience, I panicked. This is wrong. I feel so "powerless".
It made me look at my Steem power delegation, too. Why did I even do that?! It's only 2 Steem powers, but I'm not at a Steem level to even do that and make it worthwhile for anyone.

I finally get it.

Around that same time, I read about the recent SteemConnect + Utopian.io attack. It was a blessing in disguise, and started doing housekeeping and stop all curation trails and fanbase upvoting, and went back to manual upvoting.

I realise now. There's nothing wrong with upvoting with no value.
But it's just not worth it.
So I'll continue with commenting and resteeming until I reach Minnow status, as well as sparing my upvotes on people who comment well on my posts. Even if it's only 0.01.

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I know right... there's so much to learn here. I learned something from you here. Thank you for sharing. Selamat Berjaya.

i still remember when @bitrocker2020 said about value upvoting, and by that time it burn up my spirit to get more and more understanding how ecosystem in steemit. By the way it shows our appreciation in community upvoting a good content even value still 0.01,it feels more organic begitu.. hehe

Steem on! cheers


I think we're too used to Facebook's way of liking status updates. It's a hard habit to break.

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