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This is only my 3 months here in steemit and in that short period of time I have come to observe this steemit platform that we are on.

It feels like we are just an experiment. This is our world, our steemit world. We are the new colony to inhabit this world which make us the steemians.

This is an experiment on how we are going to mould this world that we are in. The steemit inc are just there to observe us and throw in some good stuff every now and then to make our world a little bit better.

We the steemians form our own communities, elected our elders or leaders, whom we think that will give value to our world.

Almost every day new shuttle of new inhabitants get drop in to this world. Some get in to the different communities and some just being on their own trying to survive in this world.

Many could not survive this harsh environment and faded away.

There are others who are self-proclaimed leaders because of their found wealth or resources. These people may be appointed themselves in that position but many will follow them as subjects hoping that they will get a little piece of that wealth or resources.

This world have no central government we have no rules, regulations and law for everyone to follow to keep everyone in line.

We created our own rules and regulations. Some decided to put out an ethic guide to follow and they made sure that these guides are adhered to. If you go against these rules you will be warned or punished. You know that this world shouldn’t have these type of rules and regulations or police but you can’t do anything but follow because you don’t have much wealth. You might not agree with them but you can’t do anything in fear that you might get punished more. So you end up as one of the subjects and must follow this made rules.

There are few who don’t need to follow or be kept in line with these rules and regulations because they know that they have the wealth. They can fight back.

Disagreements arises with these wealthy people, these leaders, on how to manage best the steemit world.

All this are happening because there are not set guidelines to follow by everybody. We have to make our own rules.

We have to figure out how to make our world to be a better place.


Recently there was a meeting held recently that was attended by observers, leaders and common citizens.

Every body had their turn in suggesting how to make our world a lot better.

A few suggestions are mostly on how our world look like. How to make it more attractive, more social and more valuable which will attract investors.

These suggestions looks like it only directed to the steemit inc, the observes. Make our world more beautiful, we asked.

The problem is I don’t think they have much plan on doing that. I think they left us to fend for ourselves. They are probably thinking why would we grant you all these wishes, why won’t you create the world that way you want it. You are able to clone this world and are open to change it suit your needs.

So they must be hoping that one of the developers will copy and put in the necessary improvements. Clone this and mould it to what the steemians want. So why no developers done that already? Well there is this they are trying to make the platform better but I don’t think they are listening to the steemians either. served its purpose when was suffering attacks but that’s about it, and then they made worst.

If these developers can clone then implement all the steemians request regarding making the platform more attractive and more social then most of steemians will prefer to live in that cloned world.

There are also different views and approaches on how to bring or add value to the platform. How to make our main currency more valuable, because our main currency steem is what keep us here. Without that we might as well go back to facebook or reddit.

Other steemians suggest that we should just keep good quality post always, nurture the people that are putting in good quality content. Get more people in who do give good quality content and support them. They think that more people will join steemit world the value of steem will go up.

Other steemians also suggest that we should put in to the steemit platform. It does not matter how small it is, it all adds up and will increase the value of steem. Investors are the ones who drives the price of steem go up or down. When more people bring in money in the platform, the accumulated volume will increase the price of steem. We all know how the market works, when investors pump price of the currency goes up and when they dump price will go down. So when people in steemit will keep pumping and holding for long term price of steem will just keep on rising.

So here we are at present, trying to make our new world a lot better. Trying to make it more attractive so others will follow and join us in search of that fame and fortune.

So much good suggestions but we really don’t have anything concrete to say we are doing this and this. We started making this. This is because it is all reliant on steemit inc. We the steemians can only do so much but how can we do more if we got nothing to show for, to attract others.

How can we say to our friends it is a social media when it is lacking the social function which is the most important part of “social media”. You have to go to or discord to message each other. This means is lacking functions for interactions.

How can we say to a future investor that steem will shoot to the moon in the near future when they see the chart is barely moving and sometimes worst on constant decline and also we are not doing any other projects to attract investors. The SMT might get us out of flat line and we will see the rise on the chart. But until then we are still in the state of hibernation.



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Edit: I've thought about what I've written and while I still believe that huge amount of bought upvotes are somewhat irritating for the user to determine if that post has real value - the things I've wrote were too harsh. Let's create on something positive instead of being destructive!

What the actual fuck? Have you taken a look at the github pages from steem(it), busy or utopian? If you would have, then you would have realised that there are a lot of people doing a lot of work to make 'your dream world' come true.

The funny thing is that the lack of actual value in your post and the amount of useless rumble of thoughts without a line isn't what pisses me off about your post.

What pisses me off is: the fact that you bought votes worth over 140$!

You blame steemitinc, busy and all the developers that they're not doing their job (which is not true) - and instead pump your post with an incredible amount of money - which truly has, in my opinion, a value of max. 5$.

How about you start looking at yourself and the post you've written, before you start putting the finger on others..


Good points! I guess the info about the votes should be presented at the beginning of the post, for more visibility.


A notice like saying

"I have used up-vote bots on this post to increase visibility only and not for any other reason"

Is that what you mean?


Yes, I was thinking that the author should make a notice he plans to use up-vote bots for his post. Also the devs, maybe could make the voting info available on the post preview, before the post is opened, here : image.png


If you see that it is up-voted, promoted or boosted by bots you probably say "not worth reading".

Always don't judge the book by its cover. I always look at the title of the post and if I see it is interesting I read it. I don't really look at the value of the votes made, because it could be upvoted by whales or bots which does not really have anything to do with the value of the post.

Also the devs, maybe could make the voting info available on the post preview, before the post is opened, here :

That could be an update for "steemit more info" by @armandocat


It's all good mate. I don't really take things to heart over here. We are all different people and we all have different opinions. So things like this I don't really call it fighting, maybe heated up discussions or discussions with a passion.

I still believe that huge amount of bought upvotes are somewhat irritating for the user to determine if that post has real value

Dollar signs (pay out value) don't really have anything to do with the quality of the post or article that is posted because I could be a whale and upvoted myself for 50$ them my other whale friends and relatives who got me on their auto vote will also give me 50$ each. Then there are also these upvote bots.

So yeah in my opinion the posts that are on trending or hot don't mean it is all good quality articles.

Since you touched that subject and you are irritated with it. Maybe you can suggest something to me how to make this tactic of mine better.

Every time I have money for the steemit platform I go and buy steem or sbd at the exchange. I then transfer it to

Now instead of powering up all the steem in one go. I decided to use it to promote or boost my posts using upvote bots. I look at it as hitting 3 birds with one stone.

  1. I am investing in steem (by buying steem at exchange)
  2. I am using it to promote or boost my posts
  3. I am helping out the guys who owns the bots minnowbooster, buildawhale, etc by using their bot

I believe in steem and the future of that is why I am investing in it little by little as long as I have money to put in.

So yeah let me know if my way is harmful to the and please tell me how. And please don't stop there, suggest something, something I could do better


I understand that. Again - I was too emotional. Should have taken a step back and looked at the situation - you're just trying to get you message out. And it's a flaw in the system that one can manipulate the trending page so much.


Now that I think of the issue with buying votes, should we as a community set up an account that burns all the steem used to buy upvote? Sent sbd could be used to buy Steem and burn. This would benefit the whole ecosystem rather than select few.


Sent sbd could be used to buy Steem and burn. This would benefit the whole ecosystem rather than select few.

Could you please elaborate more on this, I am a bit slow in the steemit ecosystem.

How can burning all the steem used to buy up-votes benefit the ecosystem of the platform?


The overall supply of Steem would diminish, Steem would become more scarce and by doing so raising the value of every Steem in existence.

Essentially what people are doing by buying upvotes to get into trending page is what Steemit Inc should have provided by default, but now we have this promoted tab that no one visits making it useless.

What gives Bitcoin its value is that there will be only 21 million of them, ever. Steem has somewhat high inflation currently so little deflation won't hurt, it would rather pique the interest of investors.

If Steemit Inc isn't willing to fix the promoted feature, maybe we can do it together so everyone benefits. But I'm not sure if there's a way to burn Steem, anyone know if it's possible?


Maybe send the Steem you want to burn to an inactive whale. Wouldn't that be like burning it?


I can be inactive and you send Steem to me, sure :)

I'm sure you get the point. It needs to be 100% certain that the funds are gone. No trust required.


You sir are a savage, and you have warranted a follow from me.


haha - appreciate that!


Aww you only like savages? How about me, a gentle, kind hearted soul.


Thank you for pointing this out. . .funny how you didn't receive a response.


Well, I wrote this in the first place as a statement. He prob. has a good reason why he did it - everbody has their reasons.


Ohh boy! :) Do you use some browser widget to know how much was the vote power of the users?

nice to learn with you guys , i hope it will work out :)


What will work out if I may ask?

The more and more I think of it (and yes I have used them in the past), the more I despise upvote bots. I will not be using them anymore and didn't on my last post a few days ago.


Well they have given us these tools to use so let us use it for goodness not for evil.

@webcoop: Look no further for the potential of steemit than just see how this post itself has fared.

While you are extremely sceptical of the potential of steemit, you still earned $165 in rewards simply for sharing your insights here - which other platform wold provide such a reward system that makes it worthwhile to post your opinions and insights and as long as people find it valuable, gets rewarded? None really.

To put things in perspective, as a blogger and , I have posted great content over the years in various platforms - Blogspot, Wordpress, Facebook and none of them even earned me a penny! I've written countless 1500 - 2000 word articles educating people on various things, sharing ideas and knowledge on a host of topics and this one post has outearned my 12 years of earnings. Truly ironic, isn't it? :-)

Also, I often get annoyed by this whole "moon moon" thing - seems everybody on any cryptocurrency only wants the moon without sparing a though to see if that platform is constantly creating value and solving real world issues :) ... When currency/token simply rises for no reason, that creates a bubble.

Steem may not be shooting through to roof today, but it has a solid foundation in place - an ecosystem that makes it worthwhile for a user to participate in social media in actual monetary terms. When more projects are built on steem, and the potential keeps getting realised, the token value of Steeem dollars will appreciate.

I am one such user who is willing to wait and be just stay happy creating good value content and getting a readership till that happens. A platform like steem is invaluable for somebody like me who spent more than years creating original blog content and never got rewarded apart from gaining a handful of likes on facebook - Steem gives me the assurane that my time and energy accounts for something in the and and that's why I'm on it. :)


yes you nailed it there. The problem is this is mainly for bloggers. Bloggers who wants to make money for their blogs.

When a good quality post will only earn a few cents, a non blogger at heart will just quit because they will say spending few hours making a good quality article for a few cents is not worth it. That few hours spending creating blog could be spent somewhere else better.

That is the reason it is hard to get a wider audience because steemit is limited to only bloggers. We might just have to wait until a better version or another site that will actually create or implement a social media functionalities before we invite others.

But that don't mean we stop inviting other to steemit, we never know we might make them a better bloggers than they think they are.

About the investors, people do invest in steem and steemit due to it being the first to couple social media and cryptocurrency and we are looking at it as there is a future for it. It might not running as a bull right now but it might one day when more and more apps and website adapt to its structure and using steem.

The problem is that there are people abusing their voting power if they don't agree on contents. Get rid of flagging and steemit will be a better place.


It's a catch 22. If you remove flagging more spam will come out or plagiarism.


Well that sux

You really nailed it here, @webcoop. Most times I really wish I was a developer. Steemit has really opened a wide business opportunity to designers and developers. I guess I need to learn these things. @greatness96


I wish I am too, would be nice if I know how to do this things programming and what not. I'm not sure what the deal with if anyone can clone it for free and put in their own improvements, like an open source (if that is what they call it).

We have busy.or, zappl, steepshot and utopia and if those will become successful they could monetize it and become millionaires.

Is amazing how at this point, this kind of tools exist and there are people trying to cheat. maybe steemit is the gate to new tools like this. but now the people should start learning how to use it..

Thanks for the post!


Is amazing how at this point, this kind of tools exist and there are people trying to cheat

Cheat in what way?

people should start learning how to use it

Maybe the have learnt how to use it well that is why they are using it.

Are you high af right now?


Because I got high

Some nice piece of information !



I'm gladful to you that you share huge of information that need every person life. Thanks @webcoop


You are welcome

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I'm new to the community and really enjoying the platform! Hopefully we the Steemians all benefit!

Good job



I think you are on to something?
So what are your thoughts on Facebook? Zombie world? 😋

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good job choosing your quality content...

There's a whole internet out there you can work on. It doesn't have to be all on steemit. In fact, that proposition seems rather silly.
To a brand newcomer, this post tells me to run away. Thanks.


Which propsition is that if I may ask?


The proposition of working only on steemit. I want to be building my own websites, not just working on someone else's.

How come you haven't responded to @therealwolf ?


I have a good response but too long. Busy at the moment with work. I will be posting it later


I have replied

talk about that... this post savagely turn tides...
Good pointers @therealwolf


I have replied therealwolf. Have a read and join in with the discussion if you wish.

this post savagely turn tides

In what way?


Today, as much as we knew tech era did well... then social media era took place and sky rocket everything... This platform turns tide in social media history... merging with the crypto-currency idea it became a wide array of possibilities thus changing lives.

Otherwise if not this is only like myspace and friendster that after few years of reigning it shuts down.

what it means anyway!!


which topic?

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Hi @Webcoop,

I'm @joshua-golbuu, or Josh for short and I just joined @TeamAustralia / #TeamAustralia a few week ago (I moved from the islands of Micronesia to Australia to study and live here).

I just wanted to drop a note to say hello.

As I'm new to Steemit, I don't really get how things work yet but I do appreciate your perspective on the Steemit world. Thank you for sharing.

I don't have many recent posts because I just finish my last exam on Friday, but I very much like to get to know everyone in our team. Hope we will meet on Steemit.

here is my re-intro with more details:

Peace ✌ & 💖 love!

The world is old.


not steemit world

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neat good job



Good points! I guess the info about the votes should be presented at the beginning of the post, for more visibility.

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