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RE: What is APPICS?

in #steemit5 years ago - Excellent post on the new ICO. I am just wondering if the XAP Coin is just the first ICO based on the Steem Blockchain?

How is this related to the initiation of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) which was discussed by @ned and the Steem Development Team not long ago?

Is XAP a version of an SMT? Or is this something completely different?

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It is not really a ICO on Steem, because the SMTs are not ready jet.

So XAP is a ERC20 token on ETH basis in the begining.

Later the ERC20 XAPs will be convert to SMTs XAPs.

Thanks for the clarification.

Following. This is a really good question. I'm going to guess that its its own unique coin given that its a ICO they are holding and not an I TO. Really looking forward to this app!!

Yes thank you. That is some really great information. Really looking forward to this platform.

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