Missing posting authority error [resolved]

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The story ( you can skip this)

I was writing a post with my notes and just like usual, I copied the note and pasted it onto the steemit editor. After a few more enhancement to the post, I pressed the POST button.

Dang!! There’s an error ‘Missing posting authority we1even’ in red font.

Like many of you, I have started to panic and press the button a few times more ( which is not encouraged) to prove that it just network error. To bad it is not and I started to worry if my account has been hacked. I checked my wallet and phew the steem are still there.

Now, I try to search in the steemit to see if anyone got the same error as mine. Well good news is I am not alone..

Root cause

Apparently there are some (special) character in your post which is not recognized by html. And all you have to do is just remove them.


For my case, it works after I removed a dash ‘-‘ from my post. I bet you already know what is the next step for you.

Thank you for reading :)



I started to worry if my account has been hacked

Dont have to if your still keep your owner key.

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