My First Week On Steemit Report

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Hello All

It's me! Bobby B. The H.N.I.C - This Post Is To Cover My First 7 Days On...

Steemit - The Social Media Blockchain, Has Been Going Strong For The Past 3 Months, and I Recently Joined The Platform A Week Ago.

My first 7 Days On Steemit Have Been Very Fun To Say The Least! I Really Didn't, And Still Don't Know The Details Fully..

But what i do know is! When i saw This Platform I Just Had To Be A Part Of It. It's Like A Little Kid With A Puzzle Game, You really Don't Know Where All The Pieces Fit, But You Keep Trying Until The Puzzle Is Complete....

So If Your New To Steemit Like Me, And You Don't Wanna Get Bummed Out! Before You Get Started! Take This Advice.....
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The Rest Will Just Fall In Place! Follow me @we-connect #Steemon #weconnect

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Upvoted and followed!


@wreckitralph81 thanks for the Upvote And Follow

this post made my entire day thankyou so much


@cainplant Thanks 4 The Awesome Repy, And Your Welcome! Glad It Helped...


By just writing "@wreckitralph81", you summoned the blockchain info bot:
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Hope that info helps, we-connect. You can ask @qed for more details. Take care!

Just on my second week and like you really enjoying it

good advise to keep calm and steem on thats what I am doing


thanks @tatoodjay It will come when the time is needed, until then i'm #SteeinOn


That is a great attitude


Thank u Sir

Way to go Brother. Welcome to the community.


@melowd Thanks For The Welcome...

@we-connect Hope you have a blast and enjoy the Steemian journey! Upvoted and resteemed!