Now Is The Time To Get Serious About Steemit Again

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Cheap Steem, Big Dreams!

Grind Time

I'm not sure whether it's the fact that my life is so busy due to dental school, which is causing me find an outlet for my procrastination, or whether if it's due to the price of Steem being so low that most spammers won't bother flooding my timeline, but it's safe to say I'm addicted to Steemit again.

Woah is the incredible Spider Blogger going to write a positive post about Steemit?!

I admit before my 2 month hiatus from the platform, that many of my posts were just an outlet for my frustration with voting bots and spammers ruining my utopia of a crypto community. However, now I feel a little bit more calm and in tune with why I joined Steemit in the beginning!

To obsess about crypto with like minded individuals because too many people in my life called me crazy for doing so!

Now that less and less people are willing to talk to me about the assets that lost them 90% of their portfolio, I am finally starting to get passionate about crypto again!

It's hard to explain, but during bear markets I get excited because I know that when people aren't talking about crypto, It's time to take it seriously.

Do you remember last January when you were looking at the prices of your favorite crypto currencies and thought, "If only I would've snagged X amount a few months ago"? Well right now is that sweet spot, which isn't to say the next bull market is imminent, but if history repeats its self now is the time to start making some educated bets on which projects will survive the purge.

I'm trying not to buy in to all of that ETF news, or the fact that more and more of my favorite projects are hitting their roadmap goals one by one because Patience is the only way to survive in this space and you have to know when to get obsessed and when to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Steem under $0.90 makes me excited, grinding when everyone is sleeping gives me meaning, and making big fish friends when nobody is around will make me a DOLPHIN!

It's time to hit the books, so until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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