Steemit explained In 1 Minute (00:01) video

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On this channel I would like do explain hot topics in less than one minute to spark interest.
Let me know we think of it and which hot topics should be next ?


Wow! Quick and to the point.


Do you have the rights for the clip in 0:38?

how about fair use for educational purposes it's like half a second long, nobody is ripping movies, or are they :P

eum.... I'm not really informed that you neet rights for clips on YouTube ?
Can you tell me how does works ?

That especific clip I think that it is from a movie. If the maker of the movie hasn't allow you to use it, then it cannot be added into any other work.

If that was, however, original work, then please forgive me because I was wrong.

Yes. Show, how to register and also important is what to do do after this step. It is one of the most common parts, where people give up. They are overhelmed by functions, science, art, gossip, whale wars and blogging stars. Newbies don't know what to do.

Anybody has written we should help the newbies. Behind the hamburger menu is a welcome hidden. The first lesson of webdesign taught me to welcome the visitor on homepage. Ok, new times new rules. It is stylish to hide the welcome. In between of a hell of new stuff is a little welcome. Oh no, it is contentual perfect. But not found by those in need, to use it. 3/4 doesn't recorgnize it, left helpless. If 1/4 escapes because of this reason it is 1/4 to much of less welcome. But there are 2/4 escaping. The half. Steemians are helping each other. One of the blogging stars told us. After this we have had a rush of „give 'em a cosy welcome“–blogging wave. What I've seen, they really give a warm welcome. But very less information. Only if the newbie asks. But do you ask in a world of nerds? We newbies all know, what RTFM is. Oh, they have great words for a warm welcome. No doubt about. But who is really helping the Steem? The Steem is in need, since I was born here as a frog.

The part where the car crashed, non capito. Upvoted and excited of the next one.

short and sweet, very nice!


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