Seven Things You Should Do In Every Steemit Post

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When you are writing a blog on Steemit, here are seven things you should do each time. If you do these you will succeed more often over time. 


I have found myself with a good amount of new people to Steemit following me, so this is for you.

Seven things you should do in every Steemit post.

1. Captivating Title/Headline

You want to write a title that is interesting and doesn't give away the whole story. Tease the story. Ask a question in the headline. Do what you can to make the title explain what your post is about without giving away all the details. Just set the hook.

2. Intriguing First Line

Your first line is previewed on people's feed so make it captivating and draw people in. Explain the headline a little more, but again, don't give away the farm. Make it more interesting than the headline and get people to open you post.

3. Good Pictures

It is important to have an image that explains what you are doing, but is eye catching. Something that will stand out in the feed. Colorful, playful, maybe something with text. Just do what you can to make your image stand out. You should always have an image in any post you do.

4. Source Your Graphics

It doesn't matter where you get your graphics, you need to add a link to the source. This is important for the longevity of this platform. Just get in the habit of doing it.

5. Add Valuable Content

When you blog, make sure it is something valuable or you won't make money on it. Make sure your post provides some kind of benefit to the reader... entertainment value, educational value, inspiration! Write things that will resonate with people.

6. Encourage Comments

One of the best way to get people engaged is to ask them to engage. Ask the reader a question at the end of the blog. Find something to engage the reader further by commenting.  When people comment, do your best to comment back.

7. Use 5 Tags

Always use your five tags. Find the tags that are on the trending list that best fit your content. Start with the most general tag and the fifth one should be the most specific. Make sure you use your tags or you will have a harder time getting noticed.

I hope that helps. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


When I clicked your post from my feed, I was like:-

Lemme see if I do these seven things or not.

The post have proven to be a great, short and practical read indeed. It is helpful, especially for the newbies. I have many newbies in my followers so I resteemed for their benefit.

Please have a look at my blog and see if I do these things. I have preached this for the entire duration of my stay on Steemit perhaps.

If your readers wish to read more on the topic, they can read this post. There's another post linked within this post for detailed study and examples.

Thanks for the awesome reply and the support. I'll check out your blog. I appreciate it buddy.

Great post!
Quick question, if we copy picture address and paste that in our blogs is that sufficient for acknowledging where it came from?

If you post a picture, then post a link to the source after the picture. Kind of like I did in this post. Hope that helps.

SImple and objective information
Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

Great post, thank you!
Resteemed on Best of Steem!

I didn't post my first blog here but your suggestions are spot on.

Thanks man, but don't be afraid, just post. It gets easier the more you do it. Welcome to Steemit. You got a new follower.

Great. a newcomer like me get a follower have score 59 .wow

Good idea.. you sparked a great idea for a future post. Don't really agree on the source your graphics unless you ripped them off.. but original content doesn't need sourced.. even highly edited material doesn't need sourced.

100% if you create your own then you don't have to source it... your post would be the source. lol. Glad I can help buddy. Thank you.

Great tips!! I haven’t written my first post yet, but when I do I’ll use these guidelines.

What's stopping you? Just do it! I know you can. You got a new follower for your steemit journey.

Thanks :) I will!

Thank you! I am definitely new to posting and appreciate all the help! Resteemed

Great tips by @walkingkeys. Although I knew about the catchy headline stuff. But I always ignore sourcing my graphics. I guess I'll start doing that now.👍👍😇

Thank you! Yeah, it makes sure we don't get hit with any copyright stuff. It is good to get in the habit of doing. Welcome to Steemit. you got a new follower.

All very valuable information here! This can really help boost peoples engagement here big time if they follow it. :)

Now i know what to do thanks to you,i upvoted your post please do same thanks

Upvote and follow pls follow back

helpful post for the new

Thank you for sharing!

thanks for sharing this with us as i saw your old post i am tying to gat my self batter

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Nice post and is helpful.

Not everyone agrees on what is a valuable content here. The value of your post is not just your money. I would add to go interact more so that people know your interests and want to see what you write about!

Nicely done! Keep on sowing those seeds - together we're growing, together we breathe!

Do you taylor your pictures a certain way because the first picture shows up as the thumbnail?

I guess i always giv away the whole plot in my title hehebe.If yo have time you can check out my titles.