Five Biggest Mistakes You Can Make On Steemit

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The Steemit community is an amazing place and we can keep it that way if we all avoid the five biggest mistakes you can make on Steemit.

1. Not Backing Up Your Password

You don't want to be locked out of your account with no way to get it back because you never saved your password. This is very important. Don't lose your password and save a hard version of it if you can. I strongly recommend keeping your password safe and backed-up. There is no larger mistake than being locked out of your account.

2. Not Investing Into STEEM Power

When you get all that SBD do you send it to Blocktrades and cash out or do you buy back in to Steemit and buy STEEM Power?  If you want to grow on Steemit, then invest back in to SP. I generally pull out 20% of my SBD or 10% of my total rewards to put towards buying bitcoin and stashing in my wallet. Aside from my minor withdrawals, almost everything goes back into investing in Steemit and my account.

3. Not Providing Value

The people on Steemit that succeed are the ones adding value. Writing valuable content, posting great and valuable replies or just supporting new minnows with votes. There is are a lot of ways to add value to your readers and if you do, then you will succeed. You add value by posting what you want, but trying to help or inform the reader. If you are not adding value in some way, you are making a big Steemit mistake.

4. Asking For Things

Don't vote on a blog post and then after they have written 500 words on a topic with pictures and links, you reply... "This is great, follow me and I'll follow you back." It isn't cool. That doesn't add value and I don't follow people who ask me.  Don't ask whales for an upvote, just make them notice you because you add valuable replies to their content. Just don't ask for things... instead offer value and you will see more valuable posts.

5. Being A Dick

Don't be a dick. This is a really great community with a lot of similar minded folks that don't like people being rude or offensive on their posts. It doesn't add value and you will likely get downvoted and then walk away from Steemit angry. Don't do that. Be kind, add good value and you'll find Steemit is a wonderful place.

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I hope these helped. Share if you think another Steemonian will find this valuable. Please let me know what other big mistakes people can make in the comments below.

To my followers, you are the rules that keep me in line.

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Especially the "add value" part is important. If Steem is to become the new YouTube and Facebook, it is essential to be better.


You will be mentioned in an upcoming article about people abusing the reward system, congratulations!


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Some good points you have here. I've been holding on to my SBD. I'm waiting for the price of alts to rise and then I want to convert some to Steem Power and the rest to BTC. Thanks for the tips.


Sounds like we do a lot of the same things. I like buying as much STEEM as I can when it is below $1.30. Thank you for reading and supporting my work.

"Follow me"


hahahaha, that made me laugh

It's hard not to be a dick on the internet after years of senseless arguing, but a financial incentive seems to the key. Everyone here is so polite the few jerks I have seen are downvoted to single digits, the system is working.


I agree! The financial incentive is key, lol. Great way to put it. you have a new follower for making me laugh.

"This is great, follow me and I'll follow you back." ; )



HAHAHAHA.... I like your style.


You scored great on #4 & #5!

Another one knocked out of the ball field, yup sharing!


Thank you! I really appreciate your support.

It's also sad when someone just copy and paste the same comment in every post. Like.. " I am writing with my heart, I did some research" , and at the end I got .. " Nice post.. I upvote and resteem and follow, please follow back" kind of comment 😑😑😑😑

It's nice someone vote for you, but it sad when you comment without reading it. The purpose of blogging is write and read.. will be happier if you reblog it 😁😁


I agree. I hate when people clearly don't read or vote sometimes and still say... "great post" lol You are right. You got a new follower. I appreciate you reading and responding.



A great list, however I do disagree with number two :O)

I think that it can be good to invest in steem power but if you dont it is by no means one of the biggest mistakes you can make. I think it is down to choice and circumstance


You are probably right, but I think that not powering up is giving up a way to really maximize the success achievable on here. If one needs the money, it is good to take out, but not investing in STEEM may be the biggest mistake in about 2 years. Not reinvesting is a bad call for new people too. We'll see, but I do agree with your statement. Thanks for your reply.


No worries, I like a bit of healthy debate :0)

I never thought to send SBD to buy bitcoin then with that buy steem. Brilliant idea, your always so helpful :)


As long as you just hold off and buy it when it lowers out, you are good. Generally bitcoin is easier to ride the waves and you can make profit in trading you SBD to BTC and then buy back into SP when it is low and around $1.00, it is a win win. Glad you find value in my posts. Thank you for your support. I hope all is well.


Great advise and using some of those coins to buy stocks. Full circle

Nice post for new users which would surely help them growing on steemit.welldone n expecting such more posts from you.👍👍👍


Thank you and welcome to Steemit. It is a great place! I'm following you to help you get started.

Well said - sharing


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading. You got a new follower.

Up voted. I've just been on Steemit for a couple of days, so I'm stoopid lol. Tell me how to resteem, and I will share this. Also what kind of topics are getting attention??? I just want to share my message.


Welcome to Steemit! The answer to all your questions is right here....

I hope that helps.

As a new member in this beautiful community it helps me a lot.. That's the best tutorial for newbies like me.. Thanks a lot..


I am very glad you found this helpful and also welcome to Steemit. You got a new follower.

Terrific points, @walkingkeys. I know some people feel they have to cash out, but they're penalising themselves in the long run as they won't be able to build up their SP. And maybe "don't ask for things" from people you don't know and "don't be a dick" should go without saying, but Steemit has proven to me time and again that we have to say them. Looking forward to more content from you.


Thank you for the kind words and you are right, sometimes things you think are common are things you still have to explain. lol. You got a new follower and I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply.


Thank you,@walkingkeys, I really appreciate you also taking the time to read and comment. Happy Steeming!

HAHAHA this is me... Anyone else? HEHE


lol. Welcome to steemit. We all make those mistakes early. Hope this helps. You got a new follower.

lol. I like all of these very interesting read. I was guilty of cashing out at first, I mean at the time...I didn't understand STEEM power at all. No one would put it in laments terms. It was like everyone wanted to show off they knew about STEEM using complex jargon. I've had to learn a lot of stuff on my own. As far as content...I aggree with you but disagree...A lot of people on STEEMIT put if I hear another person talk about STEEM all OK...I get it...I get that we are on STEEMIT platform but a lot of people don't alk about nothing nor have a talent bone in their body and they make money. I actually put time and work into my shows and getting them out there. It's just about coming up with your own formula. But yes STEEM Power is valuable and well needed.


I think a lot of people talk about Steemit and Crypto on here because they don't have any other outlets. Their facebook friends don't understand either one. Also Steemit posts are popular because there is a constant flow of new people looking for that kind of content. It is all about adding value. If you add value with Steemit posts they can work out well for you. This site is still in it's beta and I've been here since june like you and it seems like it was so long ago. The people that post crap and it pays off is short lived or they have been on here a long time and have followers that like whatever shit they put out, lol. I agree there is a lot of trash, but it won't win out in the long run. Thank you for the awesome reply. I appreciate it.

Well written @walkingkeys - I can agree on all these points. It is essential for new users to stick to these rules to maintain a good community and gain good reputation. Followed :)


Thank you so much and you have a new follower too. I try to help out the new people when I can. I had some help and still get help. It's how we grow. Nice to meet you.


:) Thank you, sir - nice to meet you too.

I'm brand new to Steemit and these were some really helpful tips for me. I'm still trying to figure out a lot of how the moo-la system works here. I was an eight armed octopus, upvoting on everything I saw when I showed up. I'm watching a few videos that are explaining it a bit more for me.

Great post!
And before I am accused of one of those 5 things. I'd like to add that for a lot of people I've encountered on Steemit (probably all) they are already very polite, courteous and respectful not to mention helpful. So your post is spot on and I feel most who come here live most of these values in their real lives too. So one would hope that common sense would prevail on at least 3 of these points to help keep this community the great place it is.

But the points about security and SBD and SP are very valuable pieces of advice for us all. I'll definitely be upvoting this and resteeming.

You know, thanks to you I'm gonna covert my SBD for more SP. Thank you for the great advices.
Oh, btw, I have never ever asked anyone to follow me. People needs to make that decision on their own. Aloha!

this is great post.. it gives me better understanding on steemit. I never thought about Investing Into STEEM Power before.

resteemed and upvoted. good rules to live by here on steemit. I only just started my steemit journey and I am always glad to find content like this!

I've been noticing people making no blogs and posts themselves but maybe they put in a lot money themselves and power up, so when they comment on your posts, they upvote for their short comments and get big money. Do you see it a rationale way? They do invest in Steemit even though they don't really put up qualified content themselves.

Thank you for all the information is always good to read, I have one more thing to add. Why do people put an elaborate comment but do not upvote? This happens on my page all the time, it makes me feel disrespected what do you think? Even if I don't have any money to give if I like something I'll still upvote it


I agree, I see that too. Sometimes they don't agree with what I post and then comment accordingly, so I kinda get that they didn't vote. Then there are a lot of new people that do it to try and get a vote on their comment, but they figure out it doesn't work that way. I don't those people keep doing it or last very long. Thanks for reading and replying.

I really have to learn about how to buy power and change to bitcoin and all that. It is all Chinese to me (and I speak neither Mandarin nor any other of the numerous languages and dialects!)
Thanks for sharing. I, too, never follow just to follow.

the very last line is an interesting way to see your followers I like it :) as for #2 without a detailed step by step it will be a while before I learn how or when to change up the steem power and such all that is well over my head :/ but I will learn eventually :) I hope I have resteemed as I know people who are smarter then me :D thanks for sharing


lol, the last line is always a sign off and a line about my followers. Glad you noticed.

Step by step. Basically when you have sbd then you can go to and send them your SBD and they will convert it to STEEM Power for you. Or you can convert to many other currencies and store in your wallet. This is a great place to learn about crypto. Welcome to Steemit and you have a new follower for your journey.


thank you for the link I'll follow it soon as I post and thanks for the follow I've not done a great deal other then leave comments :) soon as my computer is fixed I'll post more :)

I still don't understand the whole SBD thing and STEEM POWER in general. I have some SBD, so I convert this to STEEM and then "power up" to STEEM POWER?

I really don't understand why there's three tiers of tokens. Thanks for your post, but I don't get how to reinvest my SBD easily. (Is it the multiple steps I outlined above? How clunky...)

Still trying to wrap my head around it.

I do agree on the silly "follow for follow" and throw-away "great post, follow me" things - I really dislike it when people do that.

Even better, when someone posts a single photo with a paragraph, and then the commenter says "Great photos, I like the third one" - what? These have to be auto-comment bots or something. Or they're functionally blind. Who knows.


great questions.
STEEM Power is like "vesting" into the Steemit and it takes 13 weeks to pull it all out. You get paid 1/13th each week for 13 weeks when you power down. Your STEEM Power dictates your voting power and your curation rewards. The higher it is, the more you make on commenting replying and upvoting.

SBD is made to hover around the price of a USD. It is a token that is tradable. My suggestion is to you to convert your SBD to what you want. I convert most of mine directly to STEEM Power using blocktrades and it is almost instantly added to my STEEM Power. Occasionally I will use blocktrades to turn SBD to BTC and store it in my longterm wallet if the price of STEEM is high waiting for the right time to buy back in when low. Then I use Blocktrades to convert it and put it in my steemit account.

I may seem clunky and I thought the same thing at first, but it is actually brilliant and helps keep steem saved and out of the market while by vesting it. It actually helps keep the value higher.


Thank you, as a follow-up question if you have the time - can I just convert SBD to STEEM Power without using an exchange? I only ask because there's an option to convert SBD to Steem, which then I could "power up" from?

Thank you again for taking the time to answer these queries.

Such a great post really helped me out with my newer content thank you for posting