To be a good steemiter

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1- audio only for the publication that the popular will of party followers
2- don't vote for vote if a large number of users and received a huge sum
3- don't vote for more than 20 times per day maximum
4- try to collect the largest percentage of steam power by posting useful posts healthy votng work H and also the appropriate comment
5-learn the work upvot for the correct and timely publication of the best time for work missed depends on publication teleconverter

Tips about the post
1-don't put pictures in your publication don't own
2-do not copy other publications and published in your
3-previous publication — whether you or someone else

Explanation of Comment
1- comments property-be careful to annotate a good and appropriate to the Prism
2-do not copy a comment and put it back within the


You are understanding more and more about how the platform is designed to work efficiently. Good for you.

Thank you very much my [email protected]
This is a great favor in which you are the main supporter of me
Thank you very much

You are most welcome...your reputation is coming up nicely now. ;)
Well done!

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