What's your motivation?

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Lately I have seen many envy, sad and mad people complaining about "Why I don't make money even though I used 3 hours to researching and writing my post...". Believe me: I know your feelings. You have seen a lot of posts that make a lot of money. Many times even same people get money from every post they make and those posts are not even good. Or at least it feels like that. But let me tell you something. They have done a lot of work, contributed to community. Maybe some of them have been lucky but most of them have earned their reputation. You have to be persistent and contribute to community if you want to make money here. But if money is your motivation to be on Steemit I suggest you to continue reading my post.

There are two types of motivation: inner and outer. And money belongs to outer motivation group.

Outer motivation

Outer motivation means motivation that comes from outside: rewards from doing something (money etc.), avoiding punishments, searching for community's approval, fear of surviving. When you have outer motivation you are not doing something for the sake of something. If you have only outer motivation you won't earn any money on Steemit.
You need inner motivation.

Inner motivation

Inner motivation means that you get reward from doing a thing. Motivation does not come from the outside rather it comes from the person's personal passion, interest or valuation. Inner motivation strengthen person's well-being and ability to do things.


Line between inner and outer motivation is not always clear. Most people have both of them. It doesn't help if you are passionate something but you don't have money to eat.

But inner motivation is what you need to have if you want to make money. We need people would contribute to community by voting, writing, commenting. Inner motivated people are not usually as envy as outer motivated. So inner motivated people are here for the good reason and won't quit posting posts even though they don't earn immediately money.

I'm sorry if I my grammar is not right. I don't speak or write fluently in English but I try my best. Steemit is very good for learning write in English also. Thanks for reading my article! Upvote if you like!! :)

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A good half hour of self analysis can really bring you to your true motivations and intentions I believe! Nice post.

Thanks! :)

here is my inner motivation ;).
I do get the points you are talking about.
And i think its a good concept.
But I was thinking about , if there sometimes are some similiraties or kind of interaction between these seemingly opposites.
Wasnt that hard to understand your englisch. I am learing it too and this one was very readable :)

Edit: but i dont understand the choice of pictures for this kind of information ...

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Outer motivation is for example money and inner motivation is that you do it because you like doing it. You are happy. You smile doing it. :)

ok get it now.
actually these are very good examples.

I can not think of anything to write and then when I do it comes out in a muddle and is no good.

When you have some idea write it down! Also writing is a skill like cooking. You have to practise it to become better at it! Just write and you will eventually become better writer. :)

I've been seeing the same thing. I think the way to think of it is to not appease to the whales and write it as you would a normal blog.

Sure it might not get picked up now, but everything will eventually end up in Google and be seen.

Well said. I agree with you. You should enjoy contributing: blogging, commenting and voting. We are just in the beginnig: only under 50,000 users. Reddit has 234,000,000 users. So it is very possible that Steemit will be big player in the future! :)

Nice post! I think you can tell the difference by what they care about. When I post something, and then press refresh over and over again, I am obviously happy with the $$ going up, but I am much more interested in the replies. I have had some posts that made a good amount of money with no comments. I was super grateful for all the votes, and it obviously meant people liked it, but I wanted so much to hear what people thought about it!

Thanks for your reply! I am interested in if people read my post or not. If no I have to change something. :)