STEEMIT - I have been missing but I have not forsaken you!

in #steemit3 years ago

Update: as part of my steemit rebranding process, i have been working on Video production/Image graphics, and web development which unfortunately took me down the rabbit hole of coding.

The starting date for my new channel and posting content wll be April 1st.

I hope everyone Is staying as safe and responsible during this bear market in crypto. I will be going into crypto-economics in depth in my new content. To help bring understanding about how prices move (randomly) and how you can position yourself accordingly.

Also I will be coming out with more utopian content as i now see that:

Programming is Love. Programming is life.

In the meantime here is a special edition of daily delta where the featured dog is: Shelby. A rescued pitbull.

She was such a sweetheart , she was really timid when i first saw her interacting with another puppy. But when she saw me , her headband bowed down and wagged her tail while she made her way towards me.

It made my morning the way she enjoyed muni company!

See you all soon with the new string of content starting April 1st!