**News To Know 03/03/2019**

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What Cryptocurrencies May Be Supported by Samsung S10
In February, South Korean giant smartphone manufacturer Samsung unveiled its latest phone, The Samsung S10. The smartphone comes with a host of new and unique features. Most importantly, the phone will have an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet. Despite the good news to the crypto lovers, Samsung did not reveal the six digital currencies that will be supported by its wallet. It is alleged that the wallet will support BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cosmee (COSM), Enjin, ICON, and BAT.

Coinbase Admits Its Former Data Provider Sold Client Data
Coinbase’s previous data partner sold user information to “outside sources”, revealed the crypto exchange’s director of institutional sales Christine Sandler. In an interview with the financial news outlet Cheddar on March 2nd, Sandler defended the San Francisco-headquartered exchange controversial acquisition of the blockchain analytics firm Neutrino and made the stark revelation about its former third-party partner.

Major US Retailer Kroger Drops Visa, Morgan Creek Digital Suggests Lightning Network
On Friday, Mar. 1, Kroger officially announced that its Smith's Food & Drug stores will not accept Visa cards starting Apr. 3 due to the high fees that company imposes on major retailers. Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano suggested that major United States retailer Kroger should deploy the Lightning Network in its stores, following the brand’s decision to stop accepting Visa at some locations.

Fake Monero Hard Fork “Monero Rings” Emerges
In the crypto world, scammers never sleep: a fake Monero hard fork has emerged, and it intends to steal funds from unsuspecting Monero users. The project is called Monero Rings, and it is accompanied by two sites, monero-rings.org and myxrmwallet.com. But don’t be fooled—both sites are apparently fraudulent.

Binance Coin (BNB) Becomes 8th Largest Crypto After Gaining 75% in a Month
At a time in which the cryptocurrency market has been managing to make mild gains, with its total capitalization moving up around $40 million in the last 24 hours, Binance’s BNB token has been standing out due to its price’s performance. The BNB token has, in fact, seen its price rise over 74% in the last two weeks, greatly outperforming the cryptocurrency market in general. The token’s performance has seen it become the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, as it recently managed to surpass TRON’s TRX and Stellar (XLM) in the top 10.

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