Why Steemit blogging is better than other blogging sites?

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Hey Beautiful People,

My name is Vishal and i recently joined this platform.

So many things i noticed in this platform but my point is steemit blogs.

Steemit gives you opportunity to join community and share you thoughts through blogs and you can make money from it.

Steemit benefits -

  1. No Domain and Hosting needed to start your blog's
  2. No themes needed and no pain in customization
  3. No niche targeting issues, if you know anything about other niche so you can write a post on it.
  4. No monetization problems, when we setup the blog site and we need to wait for approval for long time.
  5. No SEO and backlinks problems
  6. No time consuming
  7. No subscription issues because in steemit users will follows you and they can see your post like social sites
  8. You can earn as much as you deserve, we doing the same job that we are doing in other blog sites if you are content is good it will rank on google but there is less chances to earn money because if someone click on your ads then you will make money and In steemit if you are content is good you comes in trending and whole steemit user can see your content and as you know how much money you can make.
  9. You can advertise your business through post and target the correct people
  10. The conclusion of whole points is MONEY SAVINGS

Steemit is savage 💵

Maybe there is many more points and i am missing it so you can add more points in comments ✌

Vishal Gouda

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