Creative School Art🙂

in steemit •  2 months ago

Today, I went for a walk close to where I work. Passed this little local school, and saw this creative childrens art👍

Say whatever comes into your mind, seems to be the the of this piece of childrens art🙂

The children of this scool has written all kinds of words, whatever came into their mind, on pieces of wood, and put them on the wall...I'm not sure what the idea, the objective of this was, but the longer I thought about it, the clearer it stood out....This could actually been seen as quite a powerful statement...

Freedom of speech

The freedom to say or write whatever comes into mind is considered to be a basic human right in most parts of the western world...I know that some countries are stricter than others, but I think you know what I mean..

Who is to judge my opinion? I know that a lot of people may disagree with what I say, in general, and that is perfectly fine with me, I don't judge people who have other opinions than me...Hell, that's just the fuel we need to spark a healthy debate🙂

Does this apply to Steemit?

Well, I don't really think so...because focus has changed...changed to creating "valuable" posts..But why aren't all opinions, interests and statements valuable??

Instead of blaming people constantly that they are producing bad content, why not just enjoy the fact that you disagree, express your opinion, and let the debate flow..??

The fact that we all aren't alike, and have different opinions is the perfect foundation for creating some real value...The value of exchanging words and opinions🙂

Just my two cents🙂

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This is really a wonderful and creative project.
I'm sure the children had fun putting this together.
Freedom of speach and expression
is a Beautiful thing.
Thank You
@vintherinvest for sharing.


You are welcome🙂 Sometimes you just get caught by things you see, things that make you think🙂


It's good thing

I can't read danish so I don't have a clue :) But the shape of the paper remind me of fish :)

As for freedom of speech if you mean politically people are here mostly to earn steem and stating any contoversial opinions might alienate you from a lot of people and thus reduce your chances of earning steem so most don't bother to write about it.

If you mean should "non-valuable" typical social media posts be normalized on steemit there are a few like @whatsup and @taskmaster4450 who speak in favor of this suggestion.


Ha ha ha🙂 No, of course you can't read danish..but the words written on the boards are probably the most common used words..
You are right about the fish thing...Makes the statement even stronger, words can just "swim" freely around the ocean👍
I have had a few debates with @whatsup and I kind of like some of his ideas...What I meant was, that there has to be room for everybody, and if this plaform wants to grow, people have to be here for other reasons than just earning debating, exchanging opinions and so on...The money part should be considered a bonus🙂

Wow really cute post i love your post.i love your photography which camera use you for photography


Thank you very much🙂 I just used the camera on my phone👍

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