Trump claims among sanctions- India wants to do business with the US

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Trump claims among sanctions- India wants to do business with the US


During the recently concluded two-plus-two meeting, the US Defense Minister and Foreign Minister said that he is considering providing relief to India from US sanctions on agreements from Russia and Iran.

United States President Donald Trump has said that India wants to enter into a trade agreement with the US government despite its strong stance. The Trump Government wants to end a subsidy that has been growing from the developing economies like India and China.

America is a developing country in the eyes of President Trump, and he wants to move faster than any other country. Trump has often been accused by India of imposing 100 percent duty on American products.

According to the news agency PTI, Trump said, 'The call came from India the second day. He said he wants to enter into a trade agreement for the first time. Although Trump did not tell who had called to whom.

On Friday, in a program in South Dakota, among his supporters, Trump said that he had not talked about it with the former government. They were happy with the things that were going on. ' Meanwhile, a US administration official has said that the US will continue to negotiate with India about India's major military deal to buy S-400 missile defense system from Russia.

It is worth mentioning that India is planning to buy five S-400 triumph missile air defense systems in about 4.5 billion dollars from Russia. The US has banned the purchase of weapons from Russia under a law. In this way, India is being considered as a violation of this law by arms deal with Russia.

Trump said that if the countries like India and China are increasing rapidly then why cannot the US? They said, 'I told them, you have decided to enter into a trade agreement. When India and China are facing difficulties despite growing at 6, 7, 8 percent speed, how can we stay at 1 percent? '

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