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haha cool, I saw my comment in the tutorial. But great for the time and effort you are putting in, makes a lot clear to me. Other question, every steemian has 30 witness votes, If I set Jerry as a proxy, is he than going to divide all my votes? It is still quite confusing for me, the witness voting.. Thanks for the answer and for the tutorial. I hope that people indeed get more sense out of the voting proces so that everyone get's a piece of the pie :)


Thank you @verhp11 for your kind words because writing a tutorial like this takes time. If you set jerry as a proxy your vote will be included with his for the 30 witnesses he is voting for. I trust that he is making the best choices and that's why I have set a proxy too.

Ah ok, clear.. then I will set Jerry as a proxy !! Thank you !!

Thank you for him!

Done !! Thank you and have a great day !!