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This post is based on some random thoughts I have had lately. It is my own thoughts, ideas and beliefs!

What if a highly advanced race of extraterrestrials wanted to "observe a less advanced race in secret"?

Imagine, if you will, a highly advanced alien race, one that has mastered FTL (Faster than light) space travel. If they wanted to observe, say humans, in secret how would they accomplish such a task. Well I have a theory:

They could create a micro-star, a yellow sun that is only a few miles in diameter. Then build a moon sized space ship around that sun. By constricting that mini-sun into the center of the space ship using electromagnetic forces they could generate a nearly infinite amount of power for the space ship around the mini-sun. Enough to power a massive propulsion system that could move that moon sized spaceship anywhere. Furthermore, it would be sufficiently large enough to potential house millions (if not billions) of lifeforms inside.

You may scoff at that possibility but you should know that prior to about 10,000 BCE there are no human records of Earth having a moon. In fact the records that do exist from around 10,000 BCE clearly describe the moon as just appearing one day.

What if Homo-sapiens (Human Beings) aren't the first/only intelligent race to inhabit Planet Earth?

Most scientist place Human Beings having existed on Earth for 30,000 to 300,000 years. However, there is an enormous, and constantly growing, amount of evidence that suggest Intelligent Life (similar to humans) has been on Earth in some form or another for over 2 million years.

There are over a dozen "confirmed" hominid species we have found/identified so far that developed on Earth. What we do not know is: if there are more we haven't found/identified, how many (if any) of those species were near/above our level of technological development or how/why we are the only intelligent species left on Earth....or are we?

There are countless stories, legends and written records describing Reptilian like creatures that have existed on Earth for millions of years that eventually moved deep within the Earth and hid themselves as Humans began to dominate the surface of the planet. There are countless stories, legends and written records describing Aliens visiting (and living on) Earth throughout Human History. Are we alone on this planet?

What if Religious Deity's of Earth are actually Extra Terrestrial Beings?

I know what you are thinking, but hear me out. Imagine, if you will, that modern day humans were able to travel back in time to meet Stone Age Man. Our appearance and technological abilities would seem like Magic to them and they would most likely think we were Deity's. The Book of Job describes a metallic object descending from the sky in a ball of fire and just before it hit the ground it stopped and from it came four wheels that touched the ground. Then from the object came 4 beings that approached job. One of them gave him a message to take to the Israelites. There are tens of thousands of similar references in every culture we know of to have ever had a written language on this planet.

Does it not seem more likely that we are being visited (and have been for millennia) by Extra Terrestrials than to believe that GOD has visited us in Space Ships?

What if Black Holes aren't what we think?

We know that our universe is constantly expanding. We know there are potentially millions of Black Holes in the universe. We are relatively certain that our Universe came into existence due to a Big Bang event that thrust untold amounts of energy/matter out in all directions.

So, imagine if you will, that a Black Hole isn't just sucking in and destroying everything it can. Imagine it is a tear in Space/Time that leads to a White Hole (Big Bang). Yeah, for every Black Hole in our universe there could very well be a New Universe being created from the Energy/Matter being sucked into that Black Hole here.

If that theory is correct then it would mean that eventually, as enough Black Holes form in this Universe that the Universe will stop expanding and go into a rapid compression as it is all sucked into Black Holes and sent into new Universes!

What if the Mandela Effect is real but not what we think?

Almost every Internet Accessing Human on Earth is familiar with "The Mandela Effect". It is basically considered to be a mis-remembrance of events/facts. However, I have a different theory.

Imagine there are countless Alternate Dimensions. In each of these dimensions small things are different than every other dimension. For example in our Dimension Joe Biden is President of the United States but in one or more other dimensions Donald J Trump is still our President.

Prior to the testing of the first Atomic Weapons on Earth in the 1940's there are no records in all of human history of anything resembling the Mandela Effect. Is that coincidence? I think not. I believe that when we detonated the first atomic weapons it began causing other dimensions to merge with our own. As each new dimension merges people, places, things merge as well. If a person doesn't exist in our dimension prior to the merger, but does in the dimension merging with ours then they would have different memories of events/facts that the rest our dimension.

I should also note that the number of Mandela Effect Cases from the 1940's to the 1990's was relatively small. Then in the 1990's Super Colliders began coming online and the number of Mandela Effects increased drastically. Then in the 2000's CERN's revised Super Collider came online and the number of Mandela Effects again increased drastically. Surely that isn't coincidence either!

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