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RE: How to Save The Human Race and Earth - Before It Is Too Late!

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My writings are almost always an amalgamation of information from dozens (maybe even hundreds) of sources sprinkled with my own thoughts, opinions and intellect. I am one of those people (some call Dreamers) who is always thinking, imagining.....not of idyllic things but of problems and their possible solutions. I run thousands of different scenarios through my mind on a daily basis (largely subconsciously now) and when I find a scenario with a possible solution it gets moved to the forefront of my mind and I think about it intently for days.....running tens of thousands of possible variations before discussing it or writing about it.

I know that might be hard to understand (or believe) but ever since I was about 2 years old my mind has worked like that. I compare it to a Super Computer given a problem and asked to find a solution. That is exactly how my brain works. It first tries to understand the problem. Then seeks out potential solutions by running countless simulations. Once I find a solution to a problem I rerun the same simulation tens of thousands of times with only minor changes in the variables to see if the solution stands up and resolves the problem an acceptable amount of the time (at least 80%). Once I am satisfied the solution can resolve the problem I discuss it or write about it.


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