Quantum Transference Drive

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First let me say this is way out there.....like way above my intellect and probably not possible but the idea is cool; which is why I am writing about it!

Source: Trekcore Blog

I by no means claim to fully understand quantum physics so if I get something wrong BE GENTLE! As I understand Quantum Physics all matter exist with 2 distinct properties or characteristics. Those being Space, Time and Location. Commonly referred to as Space Time. We know that electrons (inside an atom) can jump instantly from one orbit of the nucleus to another. Yes I said instantly, as in no detectible travel TIME from one orbit to another. This tells us that within Quantum Physics there is the ability to manipulate Space Time in such a way that the Location changes instantly. At least on a sub-atomic level.

Now, suppose for a minute, that it is possible to do this on a macroscopic level for a large amount of matter. For example a space ship like the one pictured above. In theory if you could affect a LOCATION CHANGE in every atom of the ship simultaneously you could jump instantly from anywhere in the universe to anywhere in the universe. Before you jump on the "that's not possible bandwagon" let me point out that for the entirety of Human History there are hundreds of thousands of accounts of objects (UFO's) that suddenly appeared or suddenly disappeared.....as in instantly changed location.

Such a technology would have massive and far reaching effects on Human Society. For example:

  • It would allow for Interstellar Space Exploration - you could instantly disappear from Earth and be in another solar system or even galaxy.
  • It would allow for colonization of any habitable world we found nearly instantly - you could find the world, jump back to Earth with it's cosmic coordinates and use the technology to build a transport pad that could instantly transfer everything needed to colonize that world to that world.
  • Transfer of goods, people, supplies, equipment from anywhere in the universe to anywhere in the universe would become instantaneously.
  • You could live in another Galaxy from where you work, or vacation, or whatever!
  • You could wake at 7AM GMT in Denver, CO USA Earth and be at work in Utopia Planetia Mars at 7:15AM GMT, leave work at 12:30PM GMT and be in Paris France USA Earth at 12:31PM GMT for Lunch, be back at work in Utopia Planetia Mars at 1:00PM GMT, leave work at 5PM GMT and instantly be in another solar system watching the sunset over a pristine ocean on an uninhabited world then be home in time for dinner at 6PM GMT in Denver Colorado USA Earth!

Now, I know what you are thinking....will never happen.....well you are wrong. Scientists have already successfully teleported (instantaneous travel) from one place on Earth to another. So far it has just been inorganic matter but that will change in the coming years.

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