Mega-Thread: The Weirdness That Surrounds Us AlL!

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For over 30 years I have had a set of ideas, beliefs and scientific theories that have been largely ignored and ridiculed by everyone. Yet, almost weekly I see Major News Stories where main-stream scientists and academia are finally starting to research those same ideas, beliefs and scientific theories. In this Mega-Thread Post I will touch on many of my more "insane" thoughts.

The Multi-verse:

So I have believed, since I was about 5 years old (now 50) that the Big Bang was not an isolated occurrence and was actually the result of something much more widespread than anyone knew. Science has theorized the existence of Black Holes for a very long time and has recently proven the existence of dozens of them. Science also knows there is a fundamental law: Energy can not be created or destroyed, only transformed. So everything that is swallowed up by a Black Hole can't be destroyed, so where does it go?

Simply put Black Holes destroy Universes (Dimensions) and somewhere a Companion White Hole is formed that creates a Universe (Dimension). For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! But what does that really mean? Well, let me break it some point way way way back when there existed a single Universe (Dimension) that grew so massive that there formed tears in the fabric of the universe resulting in the formation of Black Holes that began sucking up anything and everything until the universe no longer existed. Each of these Black Holes created a White Hole which formed a new Universe (Dimension). As all those new Universes (Dimensions) expanded to their max they began tearing and creating Black Holes which in turn created White Holes and formed new Universes (Dimensions).

There could literally be trillions (or more) Universes (Dimensions) as I am writing this. We truly are existing inside a Multi-Verse. The real question is when it started and when it will end. You see, based on my theory that in the beginning there was ONE (A SINGLE) UNIVERSE (DIMENSION) that means that when it stretched out and created billions of Black Holes it created Billions of new Universes (Dimensions). So the source energy was from the original universe was then split across Billions of Universes. Each of which then grew, tore and created Millions of Universes each - splitting the energy even more. As a result to the diminishing energy in each new universe (dimension) that is created a few things can be reasonably assumed:

  • The lifespan of each new universe (dimension) is shorter than the universe that spawned it into existence
  • Each new universe (dimension) is smaller than the universe that spawned it into existence
  • Each new universe (dimension) creates less new universes than the universe that spawned it into existence
  • Eventually there will not be enough energy left in any universe to create new universes (dimensions)

So what happens when the trillions (or more) universes (dimensions) can no longer produce new universes (dimensions)? Well there seems, to me anyway, to be several possibilities:

  • All the universes (dimensions) will simultaneously collapse in on themselves creating a single massive White Hole (Big Bang) resulting in the formation of a new SINGLE universe (dimension), or
  • The universes (dimensions) will begin overlapping/merging into each other.....remember this one!

The Mandela-Effect:

This is an occurrence named after the former leader of South Africa (Nelson Mandela). It bears his name because of the Billions of people on Earth there seems to be three (3) distinctly different memories of his life and who he was:

  1. Many people remember him as a brutal war-lord that was over thrown in a Coup and died in Prison, or
  2. Many people remember him as a Bastian of peace who tried to end Apartheid and was imprisoned for it and died in prison.
  3. Many people remember him as a Bastian of peace who tried to end Apartheid, went to prison, was released and became the President of South Africa ending Apartheid and wound up winning the Nobel Peace Prize as a result.

The thing is no matter which you remember, you are absolutely certain your memory is the correct one....and it is! Before I explain how that is possible let me give you a few other examples of the Mandela Effect:

  • KitKat or Kit-Kat?
  • Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears?
  • Shazam the movie staring Sin Bad - Did it exist or not?

There are literally tens of thousands of others but you get the point. How can so many people vividly and emphatically mis-remember? They can't! Their memories are accurate, to them! That isn't possible....oh but it is!

Remember in the topic "MULTIVERSE" I said "remember this one".....well if each new Universe that was created was a Parallel Dimension and there was no longer enough energy to create new ones they would start merging with each other. There is no other way to explain the Mandela Effect except the Merging of Parallel Dimensions.

It has long been theorized that there is a near infinite number of Parallel Dimensions and that for everyone that exists there are thousands others that are nearly identical....key word "NEARLY". Imagine that 3 different dimensions merged together. In one of them Nelson Mandela was a war-criminal, in the second one he was a Bastian of Peace who died in prison and the third he was a Bastian of peace who got out of prison, ended Apartheid and was revered by millions. They are all true in the new Merged Dimension. This is because Parallel Dimensions are "NEARLY IDENTICAL" so when they merge the people who don't exist in one but do in the other do not merge....thus they retain their memories of events as they happened in their original dimension. If two dimensions merge and the same person exist in both then their memories merge as well and they will (for a short time) remember both sets of events.


Much like the Mandela Effect you can explain Deja-Vu with the merging of dimensions as well. Imagine you go somewhere and you are absolutely certain you have never been there, read about it or even heard about it but you know everything about the place. How is that possible? Well you existed in two dimensions that merged and in one dimension you have never been there, but in the other you have. You retain both sets of memories and once you visit the place you remember the dormant memories from the alternate dimension.

Time Travel:

For the sake of this post lets assume that Time Travel is Possible. There are several theories on how it might be achieved:

  • If you could travel faster than light
  • Using some form of technology to open a doorway between two points in time
  • Inter-Dimensional Travel where you only move through space but not time....meaning you step from one dimension into another which most likely exists at a different time than the one you left

While I firmly believe all three are possible, given the time and research to achieve them; I want to focus on the last one here. Inter-Dimensional Travel is probably the easiest and most common form of time travel for a few reasons:

  • You only have to manipulate Space to achieve it, not Space and Time like with the other two possible ways
  • In theory, it is occurring naturally as Dimensions Merge (Multi-verse) and possibly even on a much smaller and more localized scale (think Bermuda Triangle).

There have been tens of thousands of Planes, Boats, etc. that have vanished without a trace all over the world. Mostly in the Bermuda Triangle (Atlantic Ocean) and the Devil's Triangle (Indian & Pacific Oceans) such as Flight MH360. Did they all crash? Where is the debris? It is more likely that certain events occurred that created a doorway to an alternate dimension which they passed through; thus instantly vanishing from our dimension and appearing in another one.

This raises an interesting thought, if this occurs naturally it can't be that hard to do it with technology, right? Well anyone remember the TV Show Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula? In theory developing the technology to open a door into another dimension isn't the is being able to traverse the multi-verse and always come back to your home dimension that is the problem.

Imagine if you were able to create doorways into other dimensions at will and somehow map the entirety of the Multi-Verse with both Position and Time relative to your home dimension. It would then be possible to instantly travel from Dimension A in the year 2030 to Dimension B and arrive in the year 2130 (relative to your home dimension) then to Dimension C and arrive in the year 2130 BCE (relative to your home dimension) then back to Dimension A in the year 2130 AD. In a matter of a few seconds you could travel 100 years into your future and be in your home dimension by hopping from dimension to dimension to get there. Then take a similar journey through dimensions to get back to your home dimension and home time.

But there is yet another possible way to Time Travel that isn't quite as drastic but operates on a similar principle.

It is believed that time is not as linear as it would seem. When I was a kid there was a toy that could draw abstract shapes that would overlap, continuously and if you drew enough of those shapes it would eventually turn into a nearly solid object. Imagine that each year of time that passes overlaps (probably in several places) some other year in time (past or future). If you could some how map those intersections of time the same (or similar) technology that would be used to jump dimensions could, at least in theory, open a doorway between two points in time in the same dimension. Allowing for instant travel between points in time. The problem with this is you might travel back a million years and have to spend days or even months there before an intersection appeared that could bring you back to your home time.

Faster Than Light Travel:

Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics, believed that it might be possible but stated that "you can not accelerate to the speed of light as it would require infinite energy"....that, however, does not rule out the possibility of instantly going from a resting position to a speed greater than the speed of light. So with the right circumstances and technological advances it might be possible to one day go from Not Moving to 10 times the speed of light instantly.

Imagine if you could find a way to fold Space/Time, bringing two points in Space to a distance only a fraction of its original distance apart. You could then make a journey that would take light 1000 years to travel in a few years with conventional propulsion systems. If you could also create a Wormhole between those two points in folded space that would, in effect, accelerate your travel between the two points you would now appear to anyone outside of your ship to be traveling at hundreds or thousands of times the speed of light....even though you are only traveling (relative to you and your ship) at a miniscule fraction of the speed of light.

Now imagine if we ever develop Warp Engines that can instantly accelerate a ship to 10 times the speed of light. Combine that with the ability to Fold Space shrinking distances by a factor of 1000 and then create a Worm Hole between the two points in folded space that accelerates your by a factor of 100 over traveling through conventional space. Now a distance between two points of 1000 light years could be traveled in 0.001 years time or roughly 1 hour and 6 minutes. That would make any point in the Milk Way Galaxy accessible to you within less than a years time. In fact at those speeds you could visit every single solar system in the Milky Way in under 10 years time and that is if you stopped in each one long enough to map the entire solar system and do some research on each planet/star in them.

The Grand Combination:

Imagine, if you will, that we develop the technology to achieve everything written about above and managed to combine it all into a single Vessel capable of carrying a large crew for an extended period of time. Something like the USS Voyager from the Star Trek: Voyager TV show. You would then have the ability for 1,000 people to explore the entire Milky Way Galaxy (10 years time relative to them) but return to Earth having completed their mission within a few days of their departure (relative to the people on Earth). During which time, if Einstein is correct, those people on the ship would have only aged a few days.

Not only could they explore the entirety of the Milky Way in a few days (relative to Earth) they could explore every galaxy in this universe and return to Earth in a few years (relative to Earth). One Hundred similar ships could explore every inch of this universe in every time since the Big Bang until now in a few decades. Just image what that could mean:

  • We could have documented record of everything and everyone to have ever existed in this universe from every civilization and race of beings to have ever existed - including:
    • Names, dates, planets, etc.
    • Audio/Video recordings of the entire history of this universe
    • The combined knowledge, literate, culture, philosophy, medicine and science of thousands (maybe even millions) of different sentient species.

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