ABORTION: A Right or A Wrong???

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This may very well be the most controversial thing I have ever posted here to steemit but here goes.

There are countless Human Beings that will argue "woman's right to choose" or "reproductive choice". Their belief is that the woman (mother) has the right to decide if they should keep the child. While I firmly believe in everyone's "Right to Choose" should there be limits/restrictions on certain rights? In essence that is exactly what the Abortion Debate boils down to.

When does one person's rights out way those of another person? Is aborting a living being (fetus) a "choice" or "murder"?

Personally I believe that if the child (fetus) has a heartbeat then it is MURDER. Plain and simple. However, I recognize the need for exceptions/exemptions to allow for such procedures under certain conditions. For example:

  • If the fetus has little to no chance of survival/leaving a normal life! This covers physical defects that are life threatening, Siamese/Conjoined fetus' where neither part is viable on it's own and so forth.
  • If the pregnancy provides little to no chance of survival for the mother! This covers severe medical conditions of the mother that would like cost her life should she continue with the pregnancy.

That's It! Those are the only ways a "beating heart fetus" should ever be aborted, any other time is MURDER and there is no avoiding that fact. The most common argument(s) I hear at this point are:

Q) But what if I got pregnant by accident and didn't know it?
A) Well you should have been more careful or refrained!

Q) But I was raped and didn't know I was pregnant in time?
A) You should have gotten checked out a few days after the rape or taken the "Day After" pill!

Q) But I was held against my will and raped repeatedly and couldn't get medical help?
A) Sorry about your bad luck but a crime committed against you doesn't justify you committing a crime against your "fetus"!

If you are capable of handling the pregnancy (not life threatening) and your fetus is healthy THEN CARRY THE CHILD and if you are unable/unwilling to raise the child GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION. There are hundreds of millions of people who would love to adopt your child.

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