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The number of Steemit users has surely been growing, so I thought I would answer the question of: How many total Steemit users are there? Also, how many are active users.

Total Number of Accounts: 171,515

Number of accounts active in past 30 days: 26,148

Number of accounts active in past 7 days: 13,295

Number of accounts active in past 24 hours: 6,269

Number of accounts active in past 12 hours: 4,805

It would seem that almost 150,000 users have up and left Steemit, since about 145,000 haven't been active in the past 30 days. My question is, why?


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I am new here. The major problem is that this platform maybe difficult to involve as you need 3 days to create your account. Also, the contents are free to “view”. You are not required to login or leave comments. Therefore, most of the user become a silent read-only user. To overcome this problem, fast registration is a must. Just like create a Facebook account in a minute will be the best.
Money actually can encourage “creators” to create. While creativity is not well promoted in most society.

It must be free to view. Imagine you could see youtube videos only with an account. It would never grown so fast at it had. It the same mechanism that works at free to play games. You attract alot of people because its free, then if they like they will produce, watch and interact with the system.

Content should be free to view, otherwise Steemit would be losing traffic as search engines would look past indexing this platform's content. The more accessible the content one publishes, the better! As for your claims of silent users, this is not what I've seen at all. I think you should learn about SEO and social networking, as neither of your claims fit the 7 years of experience I've had on social media at all.

If people aren't engaging with you and your content, its probably because you're laying silent and not talking. The principals of social networking remain generally the same regardless of the platform you're using. If you aren't talking, then no one is listening either.

thanks for the info!! upvote for you

Steemit needs better visual design.

The answer is very simple, people gave up and left. While I first joined in 2016, I never made my first post until back in January, and after 3 months of being here, its easy to see why people find no value in this platform and simply throw in the towel.

While I really like the concept of Steemit, and the people here are generally very social and friendly, I see very little prospect of earning a living here based on what I've already seen. You can produce high quality content and never earn a dime here, its a gamble if you will, and there are no guarantees of anything.

From the perspective of being a social network, I think Steemit is great, and the blogging features are a huge plus. Even without the prospect of earning it does hold some value for its users, but people shouldn't expect to earn much of anything either.

It seems the only accounts who manage to prevail monetarily are the ones the platform explicitly chooses to upvote, and those who invested their personal money into it. If you had tens of thousands of dollars to invest in Steem Power, I could see one earning a good return on their investment, the rest wont be so lucky.

What site would you recommend to people that's of value and doesn't censor? seems to be good...

Hey there @vegansilverstack Did you get these numbers from
I wanted to check the updated numbers but it says the site is "down for maintenance".

Any idea how i can find them?

Yeah unfortunately the site has been down for quite a while! Not sure where else to check.

is there an updated report?

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I agree, it’s new to me, but not a very simple site to navigate

Well, it takes an enormous effort to figure some of this out. Not everyone is like, oh gee, I'm a blogging rich man if I only write cool stuff and take neat pictures and find stock photos of puppies to post!

The learning curve is a bit difficult. Noobs need to have someone hold their hand or give them a reason to stick around.


I think people get tired when they don't get anywhere. Getting 0.01 blog after blog is probably not so fun in the long run.

Yup, I would sometimes when I would get 5 votes but didn't even earn a penny. Aloha!

i gave you one vote ,wish I can give you more.

You need to power up your account. Thats how you generate more.

Great! Let's me do that right now!

I used an xmr wallet that topped up with steem dollars then i sent it to my steem account. Then i powered up my account and now i get more

xmr is Monero, is that has anything to do with steem ?

Agreed. It's still better than Facebook though.

Much better! Hope we will be more active soon.

I am going to do my best to be in it for the long run! Making money or not, Steem feels like a great community of people and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new peeps. Followed!

Agreed! I am following you as well! Thanks!

Yup. I agree. Lots of smart people on Steemit. Mostly, talk about Bitcoins and other coins, but still, lots of smart good posts. (people praying that they will get "upvotes")

Whatever the reason, there are lots of good posts to read.

Maybe they are on Vacation!!! or doing strange stuffs!!!! well well suspicious is coming...


hehehehheeh regards man!!!!

steemit is definitely preferable to facebook, but the atmosphere is quite different. posting on here takes a lot more effort than it does on facebook, and the pressure to create original content is probably too much for some people. (I do believe everyone has something to offer though) and I suppose if someone joins hoping to make money and then make very little, it can be disappointing. Hopefully the numbers will continue to grow, and those inactive people find their way back :)

Now that I think about it, it does seem like the kind of thing you could pick up and put down every once and a while. I think I'm still in the honeymoon phase.

Help! Will someone hold my hand? Ok, jk. I enjoy stuff I post and isn't planning on getting rich here.

Thanks I was just thinking about it today. 13,295 in last 7 days is pretty underwhelming but I think its quite normal. Looks like more than 1 out of 10 people stays. This racio sounds bad but Steemit is not for everyone so many people just checked it once or tried to post one or two articles and then gave up. Some people also lost passwords, created multiple accounts, forced their friends/family to start accounts which they dont use etc.

It would be very interesting to see these numbers in time graph for a last year or something like that. So we could see if the active numbers are growing or if its diing out.

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Because many people come to Steemit to earn and when they earn very little or nothing they move on, because lets face it the content on Steemit is not all that great for the most part to keep people coming back to consume more.

I myself personally prefer the cryptocurrency platform ADZbuzz for earning and as a content discovery platform to follow my favourite publishers.

I think it is going to go mainstream once it is optimised and promoted in 2018.

I think the reason is that there is no incentive for viewers to join and check the content. The platform only incentivate content creators to join and create as much content as possible. It also incentivate creators to comment anything with out even readding the content they are comenting on. Facebook or Reddit have content creators and viewers, but Steemit only has Creators. They create fr a while and then realize its going nowhere and stop creating. Im not criticising, Im saying it so maybe who ever is programming the platform can solve the isue. There is also the fact that it takes too much effort to understand the system. Maybe simplifying it would make it more accessible to the mainstream and allow it to grow much more

They did write(steemit) that the experience will be the best if your not here looking to make money but to see the money as a plus. Personally, I love looking around this new atmosphere.
As I write this I have Gary Vaynerchuk's book Jab Jab Jab Right hook open-chapter eight: Opportunities in emerging networks. copywrite '13. comparing the active users, of the stated networks, from '13-'17 are mind blowing.
I Really don't see Steemit going anywhere but up over time.

I'm really enjoying discovering steemit. I've been around for a few days only, but I'm already spending more and more time reading what people have to share, learn about new topics and enjoy some fine pieces of art. I hope many more people will join the platform and make this place as awesome as it can be!

It's a fair question but an unanswerable question unless you can survey those who have left. It must be hard for those of us who see this a a great opportunity , to fathom those folks who abandon ship, or are no longer participating. Let's assume that like most of the population there are a variety of reasons which would lead to someone leaving. Life has a way of distracting and prioritizing the world differently for each individual. Some justifications are real and some are imagined.

steemit is crap. So people leave.

Steemit reminds me of Eve Online -- a PC game that's so unfriendly to noobs, it weeds out the vast majority of new players during the tutorial phase.

It's a niche product that's just not going to appeal to the mainstream.

I sincerely hope a future version of Steemit will offer an Instagram-like experience, if you want it that way. Because the other social networks have figured it out -- everything depends on retaining the user's attention, which has grown incredibly short!

I believe things are a little different this time around because of the awareness of the crypto world as a hold is becoming more recognized as a hole than before. seeing BTC hit the WSJ was a good sign.

Not familiar with the game, but I see the comparisons. It does seem like more than 50% of people just quit after not being "incredibly successful" within a short amount of time.

Couldnt have said it any better! & Im legit not a robot

It is difficult to get a good feed. So I guess this might be the reason. I am here for some days and I hope it will get better in the future. Also I think most people are on social media because their friends are and they want to follow their friends. That can hardly be the case with just around 100 000 users.

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