How steemit saved my Ass and a Serious Concern regarding Concent Creators on the Platform.

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Two months ago I managed to save up 200 steem which I withdrew into FIAT. At that time I was really contemplating if I should power up or withdrawal. Luckily I made the right choice it seems.

At this moment being, I'm preparing myself to move to UK [Scotland] and if I hadn't withdrawn that steem I wouldn't have the opportunity right now.

This platform has provided me with a great blessing as a content creator, something I would have never thought possible for my rundown country.

I was really motivated to put efforts and improve my content here on steemit but as the days passed that motivation started to get deflated. And I will tell you all why.

A serious Concern

As A content creator, I don't have a ton of money to back me here, Everything I've ever earned is through writing and creating, the one thing that steemit "Was" about back when I started.

It was advertised as a platform that helps Bloggers make an earning for their Creative skills and Efforts.

I used to go on Trending every day and read lovely articles and watch how the platform grows day by day, being motivated by the Freedom of speech everyone has.

Now I only see this.

Picture by @tincho

P.S I'm not negatively polarized towards Haejin, even though I lost a ton of money on his XVG prediction that crashed.

The thing is that all of this doesn't Inspire me to improve my writing skills and improve my content here, mainly because I know that sooner or later almost nobody will care about it and the platform will get more broken and orientated towards a greedy community. Its made in such a way and it is inevitable because people have money invested.

I do think that STEEMIT the blogging site will eventually break if nothing is done, mainly because quality content creators get demoralized by such stuff, I came here to improve myself and came with the intentions to attract an audience of like-minded people.

And when I look at the comment section i get even more demoralized to do anything.


Nothing against this person, I mean no disrespect, but in my eyes this kinda stuff makes me regret putting so much effort into my writing.

Also, I don't care if I get a flag or something, that would be one more reasson to power down and leave.

My Thoughts Right Now

Day by day things are getting worse and worse for me. And I'm not ashamed to admit that the only people that are helping me here are the guys behind @ecotrain. I've said this before and I will say it again, if it wasn't for them I would have left the platform.

And I do think that the Group deserves a delegation because its groups like this that are still keeping quality people here.

Currently, I'm thinking if I should continue creating good daily content, or just give up and leave for a year, in hopes things get better.

One of my objectives here was to share content that helps people consciously expand, hence How can I do that when I get demoralized by the day. People obviously have a greater interest in bids and ponzy schemes rather than having a good read.

And that does catch up to you ! That's the meta, that's the trend here, you can't run from the tribe. Sooner or later everyone will start using vote bots, sooner or later content quality will drop.

The only thing that might provide me with an opportunity to reach out to people would be a "FAT" SP delegation and even then people will only read my stuff and comment for a nice upvote.

But still !

I am grateful for every blessing that the people here have given me, it is beyond anything imaginable in my current position. And I am grateful for all of the people who took 3/5 minutes to read my writings. I wrote for the people after all, the blessing of acceptance was the thing giving me inspiration to write.

Feel free to resteam my words if they make any sense to you.

Thanks for reading!

I try to keep my content as Original as possible, also I never use up voting automation. If you get an up vote from me, then I love what you do !

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I feel your pain ~ the idea behind Steemit is sound but where there is opportunity greed and opportunists follow.

Not sure of the answer :(

I just joined Ecotrain and am hoping that solid community will help me and, that in some small way, I can add value to other passengers.

I think it necessary to take the long view and, as long as a person is enjoying what they are doing here, put the monetary aspect on the back burner and hold faith.

After all cream always rises to the top!




You've joined the best group out there <3

for 2 months you managed to save 200 steem, I think, that many results, what should I do to get that much, steem, I apologize because I am a new Member steemit..!
thanks @vangelov for your sharing


It was more than 2. But, steem was trending at 8/10$, thats why I managed to do that.

Very great post brother, hope everyone will start writing in steemit cause it very good idea😊

I've read quite a few posts recently discussing the rise of the upvoting bot and reward pool rape and it concerns me too. I've stopped using them but as a result, most of my blog posts unless upvoted by the same individual earn me little to nothing and that's after 18+ months on the site. To be fair, I don't post often enough or of a particularly high quality to deserve higher rewards but there are many that do and they are discouraged by what we are seeing. It certainly seemed to be better here when I first joined.

It seems that Steemit is like life in so far as if you have money (SP) or influential friends you will do well but if not you probably won't. Like you say, the only hope for some is to receive a delegation and there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time curating who do get delegations but for others who are already dolphins or whales it is easier to just sell votes or start a vote bot, sit back and watch the money roll in.

Who knows what the future holds for Steemit. I'm torn between powering down and holding in there to see if things improve.


Still, I cant forget to say that things are better than the beginning. Hopefully APPICS will make it.

Over the past few days I've read a lot of people saying the same thing, people are frustrated. Greed is the number one driver on this site, not content. Also, if you have enough steem power you pretty much don't even need anyone anymore and can just self vote yourself. That said, who is going to invest in something like this, especially in a down market? I don't think it would make too much sense. However, if you are currently deriving some income here why stop? You may need the money later, or somehow things may improve. I'm not sure how but you never know. This whole thing may carry on quite a bit longer if the market maintains its appetite for risk.

Hahah, welcome to Steemit :)

Where are you going in Scotland?


Near Edinburg.


Edinburgh is very interesting from an esoteric perspective :-)
When will you be going?

I'm with you. It can be frustrating. I work hard on my content and read a lot of other posts and leave thoughtful comments. I do get the sense that something is going to shift on here, though - and for the better. I think that as there are more whales who got there by working for it like we are doing (as opposed to buying in), there will be more thought and consideration going into upvotes. Not to mention less bullshit flagging.