Different kinds of Social Intelligence

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Intelligence nowadays has taken a really strange form honestly. There are a lot of criteria and branches that may set the bar for intellectuality. In this article well have a look at my personal point of view of the given subject. I'm going to try to cover the different branches that I know of, excluding work ethics and traits that may relate to work, I think those are more related to patterning rather than intelligence, well at least for the more physical labor-orientated jobs.

Excluding the ones that require architecture and fine tuning, I'm talking about menial jobs like a plumber, paper boy and overall jobs that don't require any sort of fluidity.

Perceptional Inteligence

Perceptional intelligence is the core where we will start from, it is the ability to define functionality for a given object only by having a glance at it. This means one given individual has the ability to interconnect previous experience related to similar objects, forming a working method to integrate that in an abstract way of perceiving or allocating the function to a given object.

Some people don't really bother to memorize how specific things work, although most things in this world have some core fundamental principals on which they are based on.

Through experience, one can rely on the intuitive feeling that builds up with life experience.

Honestly, there isn't much to say about this kind of intelligence, it is the most basic one and is the core platform on which everything else is placed on, excluding emotional intelligence related stuff and energetic intelligence.

Overall we can sum this up with two three words, this is the ability to faster adapt to the physically orientated usage of anything on our planet.

Emotional Inteligence

Now here things get way more interesting.
Many people actually don't have the ability to use their emotional intelligence, these people are most often stuck in a specific scenario or emotional frequency, hence the rest of the spectrum gets blocked due to the consistency of one given emotion. After long periods of being stuck they adapt to it, hence their life starts to get solid and not fluid.

For example if one is angry he will see everything through the eyes of anger, if he stays angry for too long he will start to accept that emotional state as his core drive emotion, changing his personality to a negative one.

This derives one given individual from the ability to experience any sort of emotional intelligence despite that of negativity.

For the people that aren't stuck in one given mood, they should be able to grasp the full specter of colors or in other words emotions. This opens up many pathways towards an altered perception of everyday circumstances.

The emotional intelligence has the ability to shift the perceptional one that we talked about at the beginning, that's why I mentioned it was more of a core.

Being happy means you will have a happier approach towards things that cross your path, it will shift your responses and shift your word selection. If you are sad you will be rather in a melancholy state, detaching yourself from interactions with stuff that are any different than what your needs want at the moment.

It's something like going into SOS mode, interacting with that which you need to get by, excluding all abstractions until the state is resolved.

Emotional intelligence Phase 2 : Empathy

Some people are well skilled in the emotional intelligence game and have a developed empathic ability. Now there are two kinds of empathy, one is energetic which we can read further down and the other one is synaptic, which we will talk about in this section, although I will just tag it as empathy so it's a bit shorter,

Empathy is the ability to mimic peoples emotional responses. This is done when one given individual gets skilled in reading body language, reading the subconscious expressions that the body makes, afterward recreating emotional representations in our own emotional bodies.

Now I must say that at this phase even if we are able to decipher emotional expressions that doesn't mean we know their origins.

Knowing the origins can come from Phase three of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence Phase 3: clairsentience

Clairsentience is when one becomes void from personal emotions, letting go of all earthly attachments, this allows a given individual to actually interpret circumstances and recreate other peoples thought the process in a very abstract and unique way. This is the upgraded version of empathy.

There aren't many people that are Clairsentient but the ones that have the trait are very well adapted to deal with social studies and teach people how to manage their lives. Sadly it's extremely hard to give up on everything that binds you to this earthly experience on an emotional level.

Energetic Inteligence

Now, this goes towards the realms of esoterical practices. This kind of intelligence is only available to a given person if he has an active Energy Body, otherwise, the energy system will run autonomously at normal levels, enough to manage everyday stuff.

This phenomenon is mostly related towards people with active Kundalini Energy running through them, this opens up energy reserves and through metamorphosis evolves the cells to take in more light, hence giving the individual the ability to manage energy in non-autonomous ways.

Energy gets deciphered by a couple of criteria, such as density, weight, and frequency. The frequency mediates the first two.
Higher energy is higher frequency and is lighter, being processed faster, where lower energy is with lower frequencies, hence being harder to process.

We can look at this as food, the difference is that one is physical and the other not.

The energetic intelligence gets displayed as psychic abilities and such mainly, knowing how to use the given energy.

Sadly I can't really say more about this, yet one thing is for sure, you need t have this trait from birth and in your DNA, otherwise, there is no way to learn through words and reading.

Intuitive Inteligece

Intuition is a strong suit for many people, I really trust my intuition and it has done wonders for my life. The bad news is that if I have to be honest there is little to be known about the source of intuition, well at least there is little that I know.
There are a lot of theories behind the functioning of intuition, some say it is connected to the way the universe works, a glimpse of the future or just some more complex energy decoding, yet I can't be sure of that.

The meaning of intuition in our modern society is thus:

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Even so, there is nothing to be mentioned about the origins. I wasn't sure about making this section as this form of intelligence isn't something that we have access to linearly, hence intuition has its own magical ways of working, yet it could be said that one needs the ability to follow his intuition clearly.

Thanks for reading.

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Wow, nice article.
I wish our children could be developed this way. Unfortunately at the moment formal education almost solely supports a very small fraction of intelligence (like logical thinking, numerical intelligence and literacy).
As you have shown, there are more sides of this phenomenon. Emotional intelligence in my opinion is much more important than the "classic" intelligence. And this is the part many schools do not deal with.

Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds.

- Albert Einstein

smaller still is the number who can close their eyes and see with their minds!

Perceptual intelligence too me is very much like spacial reasoning... Perhaps even game theory...

Yeah you could put it that way I suppose, Its just mainly the ability to decode sensory data and make analysis on what can go where based on past reference, although it does have some other specs i guess.

Yah, thats what I was thinking and your right and other specs just has to do with other interconnected elements...

hmmm... I think your idea of "menial" might need some help...
Last year at this time I was working a temp job at an Army Base construction site. I made just over $23 an hour to sweep, dig, carry, and do basic physical labor...
When I first got there I was asked to help carry some things and then sweep a large unfinished area. When I finished I was told it was amazing that I knew how to sweep as the last several workers there had not know how. This astounded me, as I had never considered sweeping a skill. I know now I am wrong, after sweeping up the red floor sweep compound spread by several others...
Have you ever met a plumber? Or are you talking about some guy at roto-rooter who cleans pipes? No matter where you live becoming a plumber is quite a feet...
I manage my energy strangely... like quarks... lol!

U guess you are right on this one, now when I have a deeper look at it. Yet I didn't want to say that in a bad way, I just wanted to say that some works are very patterned, for example working on a assemblies line. Although you are right, there are different approaches to specific physical actions.

And LOL WTH? 23 $ an hr ? That is like 1/7 of a the minimum wage in Bulgaria. For a whole month.

This was really enlightening! I've never seen it broken down like this before. Intuition and perception are definitely my strong suit but some of the other areas like emotional intelligence could use some work. Resteemed.

Thanks for the positive feedback and sharing some personal info regarding the subject :) When emotions and actions go hand to hand a whole new world emerges from the depths.

Also thanks for the resteem, much appreciated.

maybe it can correspond to different degree of kundalini energy rising through chakras :)

Each chakra call for different kind of perception, from the most material one, to the most spiritual ones :)

Up to supra consciousness, consciousness of consciousness itself, and reaching one ness with the cosmos, samahdi etc :)

gopi krisnha talks about this concept of supra consciousness in his book :)

At fundemental level, intelligence is all about perception.

As above so below ;-)

Yes it does go hand to hand with the chakras . Ive red some of Krishna's work and he was a great man indeed.

Can see it like each kind of intelligence is required to solve different kind problems called by the activity of differents chakras or center of appetite / needs.

As level of consciousness increases, different lack of perfection or requirement surface with it.

Its a bit the paradox of industrial society to hinder intelligence to solve human's emotional or existential / spiritual problem to focus on building material things using only function of the two lower chakras, which leave higher inspiration or emotional balance out of the picture.

I've always said that emotional intelligence should be part of our formal education, life becomes easier when we stop victimizing ourselves and learn to put us in the place of others.

Emotional intelligence is the key to peace abundance and love. Otherwise we stay in the stone age. Sadly we don't need it because that's what society says is better to develop faster as workaholics.

oh wow, really nice post @vangelov! i can relate to SO much of what you are saying here.. i like how you have identified different kinds of intelligence.. I never even heard of clairsentience! This is one to look at!

Thanks for the positive feedback @eco-alex, always appreciated.

In the end all that matters is to be logical and methodical with basic morals

Nicely done!

I would love to hear more on the discussion of consciousness. I truly believe that we're on the cusp of defining, measuring & understanding the source of consciousness! I'll do some research and post something on it hear real soon!


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