A transparent Overview of steemit.

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I always see some people talking about Quality Content, others talking about getting people on board and all sorts of steem related content that revolves around improvement.

I'm really not the man to judge what is what, mainly because I'm not the person to start such initiatives. My articles don't really reach out to more than a hand of people, despite having 1.3k followers.

So I wanted to write a transparent overview of how I see things currently on the platform. Hopefully, this article doesn't sink under [Like the rest.] and it probably will.

Steemit Expectations

As to what I see, there is mainly two type of people on the platform. One of them talks about blogging, the other type talks about STEEM as a blockchain. And here is why I think there is a great misconception going about.

Personally, I think that steemit.com the blogging platform doesn't have a great future. You might be disappointed but that's what I think. And here's why.

I don't think that quality content can cut it here. I don't even know what the hell is considered "Quality". Most people have a bot army behind them and/or people that have set their articles on auto-vote. So they receive good payout DESPITE the content.

Personally, I don't see that as a bad thing because there needs to be motion. The thing that triggers me most is that some of these people are trying to motivate others to post more quality content.

The thing is that truthfully you need quality friendships here. And descent content that CUTS IT enough that it passes as something worthy of not getting flagged.

Or a ton of SP to get others with same class SP to upvote you because they will know that you will do the same for them.

So rather than wasting a ton of time buffing your content I recommend spending your time finding good friendships and people that can support you.

I've personally written posts that are personal and posts that can't be found anywhere on the entire internet. Nobody cares. And that's fine.


@dsound @dtube @busy.org @utopian.io @dive

These are the platforms that one should look to invest time into. And these are the platforms that give STEEM an honorable name and variety of choices.

But in my eyes the STEEM blockchain was made especially for platforms like this. And that will be the future of it once SMT's rollout.

I personally see steemit.com as an example website of how things work when one uses the BLOCKCHAIN. The first thing to be created here. The example.

Surely the blogging won't die but more people will come here for other social stuff. I've been writing articles for the past 8 months and if it wasn't for eco-train my payouts are less than 1$.

If you don't believe me on that one, have a look at my previous post and take off the 1$ from busy.org bot.

The Steemit Staff

It is BEYOND obvious that the guys behind steemit are too busy working on side projects like APPICS and SMT related stuff. The 50 million steem in the steemit account is quite enough of an investment for the team to bring wonders to life.

And I understand them, they don't care about the bloggers because they made a BLOCKCHAIN and a blogging site to take advantage of it. Which do you think is more important?

Does this mean that we should Withdrawal our steem ?

No! On the opposite. Even if www.steemit.com fails as a blogging site, STEEM price will detonate after SMT's and APPICS launches. If we think as realists, if steemit.com was an example site, the first thing made on the blockchain itself, imagine what the rest of the stuff will do to the price of steem?

So in the end, don't be disappointed if your blogging experience goes down the drain, STEEM isn't made only for our blogs. Just give it some time and HOLD hard.

Also, I'm really happy that we've reached almost a million accounts on steemit, but did you guys know that 75%+ of that is dead accounts?

And one thing to think about. If you were a person with a lot of money, would you invest in the platform so others can flip your money on trading bots and people can eat it up on payouts? Really, think about it.

The most positive thing to happen here, are the communities that bring real-life wonders out of steem. Helping people, building eco shelters, helping the homeless and putting them to work for a better world. For them I can say "BRAVO", you guys deserve more.


This is what I think about the platform and the blockchain. I'm not writing this to bitch about it, I'm just sharing my opinion and the way I see things here. Feel free to flag the article if it hits a nerve or something but deep down I know that you know that things are like this. And if that is so, consider giving this a resteem.

Thanks for reading !

I try to keep my content as Original as possible, also I never use up voting automation. If you get an up vote from me, then I love what you do !

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I think a lot of things on this site have the potential to change once SMTs come out. I see what you mean though, when users have a lot of SP they basically are going to have boosted content as long as it is passable.


I think the whole site will change when SMT's coe out.

I think that you're 100% correct here. I've only been on just shy of a month now but I see that rather than put out quality content what I find is the majority of people trying to game the site to make a buck. Everyone buys votes, creates multiple accounts to vote for themselves, etc. You have a hand full of people reaping a majority of the reward pool. It definitely doesn't sound like something investors are going to flock to. I hope they're able to figure something out in the future to straighten things out before it's too late.

Yeah, relationships seem to be most important here on Steemit if you want good payouts. You could be posting the greatest content on the planet but if you have no relationships, there's not a lot of chance that the content will get noticed by anyone at all.
I do think that the apps like D.tube. D.sound and so on will actually become more popular and more used than Steemit.com
The most annoying thing about steemit is that whenever you post on any of those apps, the post appears on your Steemit blog as well. So if you're using all of those apps, you could really spam the hell out of your blog on Steemit...
But I'm still really excited about this blockchain even though it has some problems and it's quite hard to get a name for yourself.

Nice presentation...
Very true bro

I'm just new on here and this is a refreshing post that I personally can identify with and agree on. The future of the block chain is certainly secured but with that the applications of it will surely change in nature so that they themselves can continue to exist.

Relationships are a nice concept, but will they get watered down inevitably as the greedy infiltrate?

On the other hand, YouTube is failing its most dedicated publishers lately and some are trading for Dtube as they are now rewarded purely for their content and followers.

It's early days, and exciting for STEEM I think :-)

We should support each other

Absolutely correct ! When the system is corrupt, hardly there's an honest way to get recognition and earn some profit.
But I do not agree with you that the blogging part of Steemit will die. Quite on the opposite.
I really hope, as you do too, that with the introduction of SMT, more people writing original content will stand out and will be properly rewarded not only with financial profit but with recognition and genuine interest by others too.

@vangelov I totally agree with you that steem is a place which teaches you working in a team in real sense for eg : If I frequently come to steemit and then try to earn then I'll get nothing out of steem .But for a person who is regular to steem and interacts with community will earn a lot more then what I am learning ....I am so happy to be a part of this lovely steem family .. Liked reading your article @vangelov keep steeming !!