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I feel I owe it to the community to inform you all that earlier this afternoon I tendered my resignation to Steemit. I am currently exhausted and want to take some time to rest before I say anything further.


I'm ready to vote anytime!

Yes, we could but let us deal with the decentralization issue first.

Can't they just throw SPS out of the box considering witnesses can change the core code of blockchain?

Feeling depressed on the hostile takeover news.

Or Justin could just vote the return proposal to the top. SPS is held hostage same as the witness spots...

Exactly my concern... Make no mistake, is now a centralized platform.

If they want to they could have voted on their own "proposals"

Waiting to see how the #STEEM community as a whole reacts to this development...

As if Tron won't vote there too if this happens. 0 logic.

💔 we are here for you

Now you make me cry. Bastard. 🤣

I found it fitting....

My respect to you!

Take all the time you need to get some rest, you certainly deserve it!!
But when you're recovered, please take into account this might not be the end, but rather a crossroads. There's a lot of work ahead and your knowledge and skills will be invaluable.

The original steem chain will support you 100% whatever the name of it will be. Exciting times are ahead of us and we will be stronger than ever sooner than expected!

Does that mean we are forking like Weku did?

No wonder...
Relevant people starting to leave is not a good sign. I hope you can still be involved somehow in whatever will emerge of this mess. Your skills and insights are highly appreciated.

We feel you bro! It must've been a tough decision. Thank you for all the amazing work over these years and all of your contributions to this community, platform and project as a whole. You've been an invaluable part of this platform and we wouldn't have been able to get this far without you.

Many feel the same way you do. Get clear, and thanks for everything so far!

The Steem community stands behind you. /Salute

Very sad to hear you quit, I don't have enough words to praise your awesome contributions for STEEM. On the other hand, I understand the shitstorm that Ned unleashed on us maybe hard for you to cope with (if that's one of the other reasons for resigning). Rest well and hope to see you back on your feet and strong.



Thank you for all the things you have done visibly and in the background. It was a pleasure having you on this chain don't let it get you down you are a brilliant mind and don't deserve such a shitshow.

Thanks for all the work done in the past few years! Please enjoy our rest!

Take your time. This must have been really rough. For now, just know that there are so many of us that are incredibly grateful for what you have built for us to enjoy the past few years, and many of us are also excited of the opportunity to build whatever is yet to come.

Much respect.

I was hoping to see this from you and your peers. My condolences to seeing much of your project wielded in a way that I imagine is largely the antithesis to what you desired.

Thanks for everything. I truly mean that.

And fuck this day. This day can go fuck itself.

I wish I had the funds to start up my own company and hire you. Shit. Thanks for all that you've done for Steem, rest well, and I hope this isn't the last we see from you. I feel like Steem has lost its heart by losing someone like you. Take care.


I respect you even more now man.

You were the developer carrying the chain the past little while. An Ally to the non-commie STEEM chain and you're a hell of a dude.

Whatever your next move is, may you find luck and prosperity in it.

Thanks for everything you did man...

Thanks for your work over the years and I hope that your resignation from Steemit Inc leads you into your place in the Steem community.

You are one of the brilliant minds I have known here. I have no doubt many top companies will be happy to have you in their team. Wish you all the best!

@vandeberg, Take good rest and come back to Steem On brother. Thank you so much for all your contributions and efforts towards the development of Steem. My good wishes are with you and stay blessed.

It was fun whilst it lasted, and it was a great pleasure meeting and working with you.

God bless and thanks for everything you did, my respect and thoughts will always be with you. You made Steem a place of wonder for me and I will never forget it.

I wished you would stay because I think STEEM needs you ... but of course I respect your decision. All the best for your future!
Edit: and yes, I hope leaving Steemit doesn't mean to leave STEEM ...

Sorry to hear.
Thanks for your contributions to the platform, they were invaluable.

good luck, there may be a new job waiting for you on steemclassic :-)

Thanks for all you've done, best wishes for whatever the future brings.

Thanks for letting us now but I feel it already.

I respect you even more now man.

You were the developer carrying the chain the past little while. An Ally to the non-commie STEEM chain and you're a hell of a dude.

Whatever your next move is, may you find luck and prosperity in it.

Thanks for everything. Especially what you taught me during the smt testing period.

Take all the time you need, and I hope we'll see you again.

So long pathetic losers...

Enjoy in your creation

Sorry it came to this, look forward to hearing of future endeavors.

Thank you very much for all your work and efforts that you've invested in Steem platform. Very much appreciated.

Please, take some rest, gather your thoughts and then continue with the #steemcommunity holding your back :)


Thank you for your extraordinary work on the Steem blockchain! And for not standing with those who attacked us. Respect!

Thank you @vandeberg couldn't imagine you continuing working for them under circumstances.

Total respect. Sad it had to turn out this way.


You are right guys. This is not the best time to ask about those things..

Total respect.

wow, this is in fact a surprising news. probably I'm the first one to see this. thanks for letting us know.

While we had some disagreement on github, I enjoyed the communication with you. Good luck with your next journey.

ps. this also reminds me of your recent comment on github about my very old idea about continuous undelegation. Thanks for your belated but very nice comment. Bless you!

Man this is sad. Grateful for all you have done . It was a wise decision that is good for your sanity.

Take some rest brother. Away from all the Drama. Hopefully you will be back with the community. STEEM ON!


You are respected and appreciated.

All the steemit devs that have been transparent and made their faces and efforts on the steem blockchain public community. Our respect,sympathy and love will accompany all of you in this hard times. 💓♥️💓

Thank you for everything you have done. Enjoy the much deserved rest.

Sad to read this, MIRA was a masterpiece, all the best to you.

Wow. Thank you for letting us know and please take care of yourself first, get some rest, etc. Have appreciated your knowledge of blockchain and work towards Steem development in videos I watched with you and Andrarchy. This will all work out one way or another.

Much respect for your work with the chain. rest up and come back stronger than ever!

Thanks for everything you did to make Steem work for 4 years. And thanks for standing up for what you believe in. I hope we can help you will find a way to continue working on the same goal elsewhere.

Wow. I am sure you have your reasons, but it's sad that it's come to this. Thank you for your service to the Steem block-chain.

Sending positive vibes your way, must have been a day full with headaches 😕

Much thanks to you old son.

thank you for all and wish you all the best vandeberg.

An honorable choice. You have my respect.

Wow it much of been rough my friend. Best of luck and thanks for everything you have done. I can’t wait to hear about what happen led when you have recovered.

Thank you Vandeberg! Have some rest now.

Wishing you every success in future endevours.

You are a man of integrity @vandeberg. We are grateful for all of your efforts, as much as we know of them, although surely there is much we don't. In time, once rested up, hopefully you will be able to tell us more, from your perspective.

Certainly you have a bright future ahead of you, no matter what path you choose to take.

Take your time man! Thanks for everything

Thank you for all your hard work @vandeberg

You will be missed.

respect, dude

Thanks for everything, mate. Get some rest. Maybe a beer.

Thank you for your work here. Good luck, and sorry about what happened at Steemit

Your knowledge, experience and etc need this chain more than ever. I am not talking about Justin's centralized sh!t, I am talking about the chain of all Steemians! So, please start working to build a better heaven than Justin's sh!t


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Get some rest. With your skills, you'll be working too hard too soon. I have reason to believe your expertise will be needed shortly for a new project.


Thank you man... I have a feeling that we will here from you again on the other side of the fence.

Best wishes to you and other employees/former employees of Steemit. Must have been an incredibly tough time for you all lately.

Thanks for everything you have done for the community.

Thank you for everything you have done for our blockchain and community. Stay strong and take some rest. Hopefully, see you soon wherever the community goes.

I feel like Steem is being attacked because of the potential it has.

Thanks for your dedicated service!

Good luck on future endeavors, take some time, reconnect with walking world things, and get the head clear. by most accounts I follow they all thought you did a pretty good job with/on steemit.

Thank you!

I can understand you need a rest but should not forget your hardwork for the steemit and Steem community so far...

Your talent will be missed here bro.

Such a loss for the community. I hope you find a way to stay.

With BlockOne's interest in a MIRA like solution for Eos I bet that they would be very keen to gain your services...

trustin justin

Thank you for your great service to the Steem community. I hope you will continue to be a part of it, especially when its name changes.

Best of luck in your future endeavours. Hope to see you around on the chain in the future.

Thank you for all that you've done for Steem and the communities here. Rest well and I hope you find greener pastures

Seems that Justin takes no prisoners... It's gonna be his blockchain or it will stop to exist...

Thank you for all your work @vandeberg

try to get everybody to withdraw steem from exchange. that is all we can do to help steem network

Much respect! I want to thank you for the great work you and the others have done so far. It is much appreciated!

Wow. Respect. Sorry you're so exhausted. I bet it's very stressful there now.

@vandeberg. Thank you for all you have done for Steem, and for your honourable decision to resign from Steemit Inc.

Please consider helping to develop the Matrix-8 Platform. This is a multi-level governance real time democrity, which could not only help Steem governance enormously, but also help to "save the world". More info here:


Thanks for all the hard work, wishing you the best!

Thank you for the time invested, respect your decision, wishing you well in next venture hopefully meet up again soon. #steemsouthafrica

Thank you for everything you did for this platform. You are very talented and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get multiple job offers in the coming days. All the best to you!

'Tis the season for weeping @vandeberg but the battle is not over yet for the community.

Thank you for what you have done and all the best.

Wishing you peace and rejuvination.

@vandeberg is typing ... I remember this T-shirt at Steem Fest 4 in Bangkok.

Thank you, @vandeberg for you great job and all your devotion to developing Steem Blockchain! You will be always part of our Steem community! Hats off to you.

p.s. It was nice to listen to your speech at Steem Fest 4, in Bangkok. Hope to see you at Steem Fest 5, as well!

I hope you realize this post makes a lot of people to have your back.

Thank you for all the great work throughout the years!

Oh my..
Thank you for all your work. Respect!

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