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RE: Steemit Power Down Proposal

in #steemit4 months ago

I am glad to read this rational consideration of this proposal. I am most gratified to see that you note it is best to not impede extant HF implementation by this additional complication.

I suggest that you include a link to the DAO for all of your posts concerning DAO proposals, to facilitate participation in the DAO.



Done! Great feedback

Do you guys have anyone that fills out exchange applications on a consistent basis? Steem is starting to lag many of its peers in terms of exchange listings and if that doesn't change there is a real chance it gets left behind if/when there is another altseason...

I am looking at a list of the top exchanges by volume and steem is on very few of them...

If some exchanges require listing fees we could get the SPS/DAO to fund those, but I really think this should be made a priority by those not doing development work, especially while we are still in a bear market as it will likely only get harder and more expensive if/when there is another full on bull market.