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RE: The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

in #steemit2 years ago

I had the same problem. I tried Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu. I then tried Firefox on Windows.

I took the suggestion of trying Brave on a test computer. I got the PDF but failed to redeem my TRX tokens.

I was really surprised to see make a PDF download part of the sign up process. Downloads are one of the most problematic features of browsers. A PDF file doesn't really add any security. It might actually add security holes as the there things (like virus protection software) that scan downloads.


Worked with Opera fine — after I logged in without a keychain extension.

 2 years ago (edited)

We apologize for the bad experience, please try the below steps if you face any issue.

  • Log in to with your active private key, do not use any auth tool(for example: Steem Keychain).
  • Log in to with a different browser, like firefox, edge, Opera, etc.
  • Refresh the page and try again.

If all these steps do not work, please don’t worry, the new version will be online soon and fix related issues. All your TRX can be claimed after the new version online.

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