Attention Steemit ! SPAM Comments Are Now Getting Huge Upvotes !

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There was I browsing thru the steemit posts and I was checking out this one post for a meme contest and when I opened it, It was full with Comment spamming done by a steemit acount called @gravityone31.

I thought it to let go as some people tend to do it when suddenly it got my attention that all of these spam comments got many number of upvotes and reward of around .45 $ for each spam.

Here is the screen shot and you can check the comment spamming Here


I then started investigating the account, and I found out this person has been a repeat spammer yet all of his spam comments are getting 12-15 upvotes resulting .45$-.90$ rewards.

Further more I was dishearten to see that most of these upvotes were from well reputed Steemit users like

@good-karma, @feruz, @esteemapp, @bounties, @steempoll, @tipping, @mysteem, @satfit, @bitcoiner, @fatpandadesign, @bluchr, @jraysteem, @demo, @erickjongo, @johnlue, @mystifact



I am pretty sure that amazing steemian and a witness like @good-karma is not purposely doing this, That means this user has found out some loop hole in the system and is miss using it to skim out rewards comment by comment,

I would request Steem Whales like @firepower, @officialfuzzy and @good-karma himself to please look in to this because this Surely affects our community values by a lot.

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Good looking out. It seems, after reading the "White Papers", it is posts like this we need more of. There are no 'investor protections' build into the system here, other than the underlying belief the community will police itself.
So far I haven't seen much, have observed far more rampant abuse through these eyes than have any community efforts to prevent or stop such abuse.
Hopefully more like you will step up and use the "transparency" of this system to protect, encourage, and promote the good things and decent users here from the bad things here as well.


Yeah the transparency of the tool surely gives a way to find any thing crooked if done, Several good writers are quieting due to there 2 -3 cent payout where spam like these are getting 80 cent upvotes..

Sadly, I don't think a hack was used. This is the result of bot-voting. Your witness probably entered this account's name in his list for automated voting. BTW, was this some sort of a sports post? The Dutch comments appear to be a running commentary on baseball or something. Sorry, can only read a little Dutch.


Yeah .. I have heard about steemvoter ... It might be possible as it allows you to auto upvote or downvote anyone ..
the original post where this comment was done was no where near sports genre .. was infect a funny meme

Hi @utfull thank you for sharing. this it gives awareness. I don't know what happen. Thank you again!

Unfortunately I don't understand the language, but if it's spam comments getting upvoted, it's not fair on the hard workers at all.


exactly .. on one side people are working hard only to earn 2 -3 cents and on the other side things like these are happening ..


Very unfortunate

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Thats such a pity, bots can work much more effectively than us humans who have to manual type each letter, yet they seem to get much higher rewards for bringing little quality or value to the commumity


Yes human Curation i being under paid while Bot curation excels ..

Glad I read this. Was worried I might fit this category because I comment a lot, but I make sure all my comments are tailored to the post and adds value. Thanks for pointing this out. People will always find loopholes in the system, but the quicker they are identified and corrected goes to show the strength of the system (hopefully this is quickly corrected).


No you don't fit in this category at all .... your comments surely ads value to the post :) ... I have contacted some whale to help get this resolved ....

This kind of abuse is starting to really bother me! Humans always have to find a way to fuck shit up. Can't we just flag the guy? If we prove he is doing some loop hole thing.


I am trying to get hold of a whale to look into this ... Our flaging won't impact him too much but a whale flag if found true will surely destroy the reputation ..


OK very good thank you for your efforts!

Hey @utfull! I'm pretty sure all the votes are due to eSteemit. I once used that App, made one comment and when I checked out had 9 votes. Don't panic :(


Yeah that might happen, I will try to use the app today .. Although i think this might be happening due to auto upvoting thru steem voter ... I will try the app today :)

I don't begin to understand how this was done, but I agree that it is indeed unfortunate. I hope the people you mentioned can get to the bottom of it.

By the way, your signature/seal is beautiful.


I took calligraphy at school ... I can make one for you too if you want..


Wow, really?? That would be fantastic!


What would be a fair payment for creation of a calligraphy signature?

The automated posting, voting, and commenting must stop. It will continue to pollute the community as long as there is a reward.


Exactly .. I don't even understand why there is a need of auto upvote ... this user did 4 coment on the post al of them were upvoted .45 c to .90 c makinf all together around 2.5 $ where as the original post made around 4 cent only :P

I do not think so...0.45 to 0.9 is not a big amount. If he is spammer he will be caught by sone whale. Do not lose yor patience and pay attention on your own work


yes he will get caught as I have personally contacted some whales, 0.045 - 0.90 is a big amount think of those users who are just getting 3-4 cents for their continuous hard work and then ultimately quit steemit . a 0.45 upvote for them will be like a boon .... An as an community work it is all of us to detect and report things like these .. whales cannot check every post or every comment by them self .


I desagree with this 0.45 is a lot! WHY? because users like me and other people dont get that often, if you compare it to the rest of steemit no way, that it A TON of a lot, whales might think oh it just a cent or 90 who cares. But people who work hard dont even get past 10 cents. I am lucky now that some times I get pas 19 dollars, thanks to the support of #yunk, but how can new users grow with this problem?


#yunk is everywhere... always watching... always listening... slowly... creating a change.

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Man this an issue and a BIG problem I am sick of this, and people who give real comments are left behind, yet someone dared to tell me that we dont have spammers or bots or even copy cats here WE do, and the problem is that big whales dont see this. The less rep you have the worst, but even to high rep its a problem. They dont see because they havent experience this.

I have gotten TONS of spamm and trolls here and so my friends.


Lots of spam and other BS going on. So many accounts are just putting out nonsense, copy/paste info or just resteeming. I even was following a guy that was putting out good info until I realized he was copying information and pictures from wikipedia. Like really? Another person I am following is getting 100+ upvotes but when you look at the post it has maybe 5-10 views...


Yeah, and this makes me mad, because this even might happen to us, and it is not fair for the whole community. I am really grateful for the people who really read my blogs, but :( some people just spam or like with out even looking at the content, Why? because some are just bots that are meant to spam and right Awesome every second.

O my that is a real scam! Thank you for this post at least we will be aware of this kind of modus.

I don't understand. They get rewarded for spam but I got flagged for putting a referral link in my early posts?? What gives??

If it's really spam, it won't get upvoted or resteemed.


Exactly it shouldn't but this made this user did 4 comment on the post none of them even related to the topic ... all of them were upvoted .45 c to .90 c making all together around 2.5 $ where as the original post made around 4 cent only :P