# ZChash New Chart Of The Day

in steemit •  6 months ago

PicsArt_09-08-04.16.29.pngZcash is another chart I'm watching 4 a bottom. This one in the $80's. However, I need to offer the caveat that I m tracking this as a complex WXYXZ. That's sloppy indeed and raises the potential that I hae this pete tong. The next large rally target is in the $800's so this may prove to be a the dog's bollocks trade but we need to c an impulsive move out of the $80's.ZECUSD - Primary Analysis - Sep-07 0914 AM (1 day).png
ZECUSD - Primary Analysis - Sep-07 0913 AM (20 min).pngNote that free 15 day trials r available 4 our trading room and community on Elliott Wave Trader, where I m a full time analyst. thou 'll rub conk with, professional, amateur and traders in the learning process, whilst getting trade calls and ongoing direction 4 the market. No credit card is needed 4 a trial.

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