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Hello Friends!Untitled-1.jpg New Platform Steemit Interface | Weku–The future of social media... With the advent of facebook, the idea of social media as we know it today was born, now over a decade later this frontier, some would argue, is losing its novelty. This post explores some exciting innovation in the realm of social media, where users r monetarily incentivized to engage with the site and its users powered by blockchain technology.Is this the future of social media? Want to know more before jumping in a posting? Or is it the novel application of blockchain technology that has piqued yer interest? Either way, let’s jump into a brief overview of weku and its social networking site,, resources will be provided if yeh ’re interested in learning more. What is Weku? We’ve heard talk of the blogosphere 4 years now, and these days it seems fancy everyone is trying to get a piece of the action. And y not? We all hae passions, curiosities, and a sense of adventure now and then; sharing that with others via the internet is becoming – dare we say it –the norm.But, the social networking site associated with Weku, is different.Instead of the platform reaping nearly all of the non- advert benefits of its users’ content generation, fancy facebook, for example, weku passes these earnings onto the individual users, via its cryptocurrency. fancy many communities surrounding cryptocurrency, users r bleedin' concerning with verifying each other’s identities, this is usual done through an introduce yourself Post where new users share their personal story starting with a current picture of themselves holding up a hand-written sign as proof of identity. Idea The idea is simple. Post on their website, yeh can post about anything, from yer experience eating broccoli cheddar soup at Panera Bread or how to build a PC. It’s surprising that no one has thought of this idea before because the idea is so revolutionary that I can imagine Weku becoming the most popular social media site 4 techies. Weku, A new platform to reward your effort. This is a community that is fascinating and worthwhile.Untitled-1.jpg Untitled-1.jpg Your account name can never be changed, so please choose carefully.Untitled-1.jpg Please provide your email Untitled-1.jpg Please be sure that ye provide a validate email so that ye will receive a verification codeConfirm yer Gmail address and press Continue. Untitled-1.jpgPress continue to backup password somewhere, then verify the account Untitled-1.jpgUntitled-1.jpgWeku is equally giving me the opportunity to air out my view on different subjects and in the process build my communication skills just fancy steemit.Now I'm really enjoying posting, earning and connecting with people from all over the world on the Weku platform.the zeal community.

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