IMPROVING POST PROMOTION: Move 'promoted' posts to a vertical sidebar - so that they get more views.

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I have just experimented with spending $20SBD on promoting a post that had previously quickly reached over $100SBD through organic voting. I looked on STEEMVIZ - the app that shows how much is needing to be paid to get a promoted post onto the 1st page and found that $20SBD was just enough to do that. So far so good.

I found that in the few hours since I made the payment, the post has received about 3 votes on top of the 70 it had already received organically and the reward level has maybe risen close to $1 as a result. I appreciate that the outcome of promoting a post is not guaranteed and it is possible that a 'whale' might have seen the post on the promoted page and given be a bigger boost - but generally I do not feel that $20SBD is a good price to pay for such low numbers of votes. I think this is only because the promoted posts are on their own page/tab in Steemit and, I imagine that many people are not really so interested in seeing paid/promoted posts. Maybe we are just cynical after using Facebook, but generally there is an idea that if something is being promoted with money, it might be less valuable than something that isn't being promoted.

My suggestion is that I think/feel that the effectiveness of the promoted posts would be greatly increased if they were integrated into the other pages of the site, where more people are going to see them. This can be done in an unobtrusive way and since they are posts that viewers can earn curation from, they are not really going to annoy anyone - in my opinion.

So what do you think? Is that a good idea? I'd love to read your comments below.


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Very valid. I am always intrigued by the promotion option but never use it for exactly this reason; I see so many promoted posts with such small rewards/likes/comments. Like honestly put the reward aside, I'd still expect more interaction with promoted posts. Cheers mate!

i actually now have had about 30 new votes on the promoted post, which is much better than i thought i would get when i wrote the post on promotion here.. however, for some strange reason the value of the post has only gone up by less than a steem dollar. never seen that before.

As I said months ago: IF Steemians wish to increase the value of their Steem by making Steemit more attractive to advertisers, even if it means a little ad in the sidebar - its frequency relative to competing ads proportional to the amount of @null promotion they received, for example – then this suggestion should absolutely be implemented. Promotion burns STEEM, making it more valuable; so promotion should be incentivised by actually displaying the ads, not hiding them on a page rarely anyone clicks on.

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Great, thanks - i'm glad we are on the same wavelength here ;)
there are several ways the ads could be integrated, from a sidebar through to being inserted into the main list of posts at key points. I prefer the sidebar route as it is clear then that you are viewing promoted posts, plus they could be 'fixed' in the window and will not vanish as the page is scrolled.

I agree completely. I don't want them to clog the regular feeds, or have them look like a normal post. If they are in the sidebar, they become "invisible" and bearable enough, it's not a too steep price to pay to make the platform attractive to advertisers, IMO.

i think the site is financially powerful enough to operate without external advertisers though, which is i imagine part of why they put the promoted posts on their own page - since the site is going through a 'proof of concept' phase, they maybe wanted to show the site can prosper even without serious paid adverts.
from my perspective, i am just thinking currently of how to get more eyeballs on my posts and it was claimed that promoting the post is a way to do that - but so far, as somewhat expected, it has not really been very effective. i'm not sure how long the promotion even lasts!

Nice post! I voted for you.
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thanks! i voted for your cat post. just so you know, if you vote for a post that is older than 7 days then the poster does not see any financial benefit as the post has already paid out for them.

I agree.

Clients should all agree on a standard, for example 5 x 3 mosaic or something. On top of that there should be tags and/or a search function in promotions.

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