Bot improvements almost complete + increasing vote worth

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Current Rates:

STEEM payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
SBD payment: 2.1x SBD upvote
100% upvote worth: 6.60 SBD
Min/max STEEM payment: 0.01 - 1.5 STEEM
min/max SBD payment: 0.01 - 1.5 SBD
Max post age: 5 days.

Have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Getting those updates completed

Hello everyone,
Good news! I've got a few of the updates out of the way, definitely making some grand improvements to the bot overall. For the most part just getting together fixes for issues I experience consistently.
Posts that are too old will now be automatically refunded! The bot will check if a post is more than, or equal to 6 days and refund. This means the max post age that can be upvoted is 5 days.
Posts that have already been upvoted will be refunded. links are now functional.

Still got the vote worth to calculate automatically and the getting stuck under 70% voting power to fix, but it's getting there. Currently I am using minnowbooster to sell an upvote at 95% voting power, so it does work automatically... Just with third party help, which I'm not entirely happy about, although as a temporary solution, it works.

Getting more investors

I'm picking up more investors again, and hoping to get to over 30k SP so we have a decent vote worth again. I've also set the recommended min/max payments to a smaller amount so I don't run out of voting power so quickly and more people can get upvotes.

Future updates

Allow links -- COMPLETE
Refund payments for posts older than 5 days. -- COMPLETE
Refund payments for posts already upvoted -- COMPLETE

Calculate upvote worth automatically
Fix issue with bot get stuck when voting power goes under 70%.

Have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Thanks again for your continued support.

Kind Regards, UpvoteWhale.


Sent 1.5 SBD and got a reply that I got $3.15 upvote, but according to busy it's worth only $2.64.
Screenshot from 2018-03-18 04-41-05.png

Sorry about that, price of STEEM changed dramatically over the past 24 hours and I was sadly not there to update the bot so the price calculation was off. I've updated your post with the missing amount.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Awesome, thanks quick response!
I've noticed the same bug on other bots, so there were no worries :)

I was supposed to get $2.10 upvote but only got a $1.76 upvote. This is the second time this has happened. Please fix this!

Sorry about that, price of STEEM changed dramatically over the past 24 hours and I was sadly not there to update the bot so the price calculation was off. I've updated your post with the missing amount.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

I sent you 1.5 sbd for the blog: /@yassine 2014/dimanche-c-est-pour-les-enfants.
And i have receuved nothibg so far.
Please settle my situation .

Hello yassine,
Apologies for this. It does happen that a transaction is missed sometimes. I have now provided you with a refund. In the future please send me an email at [email protected]
I check my email several times a day but I check my replies only a few times a week.

I send you 1SBD and i find that your comment show that you upvote me with with $2.1 but i get only $1.220 you are a cheater. Looted and Looting people hard money money.


Thanks you so much. @upvotewhale refunded my money. 1.5 SBD. Thanks dear for fast reply

Glad to help! Have a nice day.

@upvotewhale sent steem to your account waiting for upvote

I send money and no vote please check =)
Can you tell me the reasons?
Thanks for your work,

have discord channel?

Hello emar17.
I had a look and for some reason that transaction was missed. I've provided you with a refund.
In the future for a quicker service please send me an email at [email protected]
I only check replies once every day or two but if you send me an email I will see it within a few hours.

@upvotewhale the comment on my post said the upvote was worth $2.08 but on the post it was only $1.89. Please help!

Sorry about that, a significant price decrease was not caught by me and I did not update the bot in time which caused you to receive a lower vote than you were supposed to. I've since updated the vote to be of a higher value plus a little extra for the inconvenience.

Thanks again for your support.

Commenting for ease to find this bot

Hey guys its a awesome service I have got 11.11% upvote two days ago,
Thanks for the great support !!

It’s huge! Great updates!

Hmmm.... nice post

Great update!

Thank you!

Have you started collecting sbd for an upvote.because i have send alot to you and you back to me

More or less every 24 - 30 hours I re-enable upvotes. When my voting power hits 70%, I return all transactions until my voting power is at 95%, at which point I re-enable upvotes. This takes roughly 25-30 hours.

It is good to know that you have found some delegators.

@upvotewhale I have sent you 0.300SBD but you didn't upvote my post. Please upvote my post or return my 0.300SBD. Post Link:

For proof see this attachment: Untitled.jpg

Sorry about that. Sadly it does happens sometimes that a transaction is missed. I have now provided you with a refund. Apologies again.

buenas tardes señor @upvotewhale hace minutos te envié 0.01 SBD para votar en esta publicacion: y aun no me ha llegado mi voto

I see the transaction was missed, apologies for that. I have provided a refund.

I've now refunded the payment. Thanks for your patience.

@upvotewhale I have sent you 0.200SBD but you didn't upvote my post. Please upvote my post or return my 0.200SBD. Post Link:


Refund has been provided. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I imagine it was a bug because this bot has never failed me before, but I do not vote in the last thing I asked for that voted to send 0.221 sbd and I do not pay. check please, thank you in advance

Sorry about that, been happening a lot lately. RPC nodes are going crazy haha. I have RPC node redundancy setup, but if an RPC node goes down it takes 2 minutes for my bot to update to a functioning RPC node, you apparently hit the unlucky jackpot and sent money in those 2 minutes.
I've provided a refund now!

great updates..❤️ it

@upvotewhale I need a list of post promoters
can you please guide me or provide my any name?

If you mean a list of upvote bots, please see the following webside:

!! my dear friend good to know here about you found the delegate, i appreciate your success support us to participate your success party,without the supporting friend the party is unsuccessful,

Thank you for your post
keep it up the success will come .

hy....i have vote for you....and i hope you vote me

please upvote and give me some SBD...hehehee


Is your bot working fine now ?

If i get an upvote from you before 15 minutes of posting , i wont lose 25% on curation rewards . Am i right ?

Hello, my bot has been working fine and is continuing to do so. There's a few missed transactions due to RPC node failure but everything is working as intended.
My bot updates which RPC node it's connected to once every minute, so if an RPC node goes down the maximum downtime is 1 minute.

I'm not sure exactly how you're trying to "game the system" but I don't think it'd work.
If you're referring to having my upvote your post in the first 30 minutes, the only thing that happens is that the curation reward that I receive is penalised and you receive it instead.

Please see the following articles for explanation:

I am not trying to game the system . I don't think any bot deserves curation reward as bots can't curate . Curation requires analyzing the post and it takes time . A bot already gets paid by the user in sbd .
That's just my view mate . Nothing against any bots .

No worries, I agree with you there. When I get curation rewards I kind of just consider it a "tip" more than anything.
I start accepting upvotes at 95-98% voting power, sometimes it's a little slow to detect. It'll keep running until I hit 70% voting power at which point it goes back to refunding.

Thank you for both articles .

So can i use your bot instantly after posting my article ? At what voting power does your bot start voting ?

dear upvotewhale plz upvote me or return my money plz

Refunded. Apologies for that.

And why such strange arithmetic. I sent 0.01SBD and had to get $0.021
And received according to the busy only $0.01. Is this something to draw?

Hello leonid96,
Recently I lost a 10k delegation which vastly reduced my total vote worth. This also means that the upvote amount was incorrect until I fixed it, apologies for the inconvenience.
Refunded 0.01.

Sir, how to get your upvote?

How to
Transfer at least 0.005 and up to 0.1 SBD or STEEM to @upvotewhale and put posting URL in memo.
UpvoteWhale will leave a comment on your post explaining how much it upvoted with.

If voting power is too low
If link is invalid
If sent amount is too low.
If post is more than 5 days old.

Woo , this is pretty good.., awesome update.., thanks for sharing this...,