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RE: Upvote Shares Level 16 (100% Complete)

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Sorry for the late reply I've been super busy.
The maximum sponsorships to the same account is set at 2. Otherwise it would be too easy to game the system which is not the point of the @minnowshares side account. I'll assign the 2 other sponsorships to @TheArneD & @BaasDeBeer


Hey there,

Yeah, I get the limit of 2 sponsorships per level, but what I'm saying is that with those 2 (of the 4) added in lvl 16, it should put PlayDice onto 8 now (i.e. upgrade), not so?

... or am I missing something else?

You are correct, I made a mistake there!
I'll add the extra share and add it to the spreadsheet!

Sorry for the trouble.

Hi there @upvoteshares / @costanza,

I just got the lvl 17 notice and made payment, but I notice that @playdice is still on just 6 MinnowShares and didn't "level up" to an UpvoteShares.

I just checked and @playdice was added to the upvote list a while ago. I still have to add it on the level 0 spreadsheet which will be done once Level 17 is complete. Don't hesitate to let me know anytime I make a mistake somewhere!


Cool stuff... thanks.
The site I used to useto check for incoming votes seems to be no more, so I went on the info in the table you posted :-)

Thanks for checking it out! \m/

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.

Hey @upvoteshares, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!