💩 What I've learned about how to STEEM as I conclude my first month of STEEMin'

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According to SteemD, I have been a Steemian for 29 days. I hope you guys have enjoyed my posts about the random shit I'm into. Obviously, we all have random shit to share (that's why we're here, right?), and it's not always easy getting said shit in front of others. So to cap off my month, here are the most interesting things I've learned this past month about STEEM that might help you get your next post some more up-votes...


  • You can find useful metadata about yours and other STEEM accounts at https://steemd.com/@[username].
  • If you transfer 1 SBD to @randowhale with your Post's URL in the Memo field, you will receive up-votes totaling $1-$2 in value.
  • If you transfer X SBD to @bellyrub with your Post URL in the Memo field, you will receive up-votes with value dependent on:
    • the X amount of SBD you sent and
    • other user’s requesting the service at the same time you did
  • Other accounts that are still or have offered a similar service in the past: @worldclassplayer, @booster
  • Wait to vote up your own posts until 40 minutes have passed to give others the opportunity to “find” your content.
    • The assumption is, if your post goes viral and makes them some money, they’ll probably want to continue up-voting your posts.
  • You can copy and paste emojis into your post content and titles from https://emojipedia.org/ ... like this one: 🤔
  • Using common branding in the first photo of your posts brings people back to your posts (i.e. your headshot, brand, logo, etc.)
    • See what I did? That's my headshot under that trio of ball-sacks.
  • A $1.00 USD up-vote requires roughly $7k worth of STEEM Power today.
    • Spoiler: mine is not worth that much.

Most importantly though, thanks for 100 followers!

Now I just need to come up with more shit to write about, don't I?


very good sht

upvote and follow you now ty for emojis ;) @unrared

Thanks for that info mate.
Did the recommended boosters earned you more than you invested?

@randowhale and @worldclassplayer have turned $1 into $1+ in up-votes every time I used them, but the latter seems to be hanging up the boots for at least the short-term. I've had mixed results from @bellyrub. Other accounts seem to be popping up daily to provide a similar service and some are scams of course, so it's probably best to find other STEEM posts first confirming if they are worth it or not. Keep up the good posts!

Thanks for the response.
I'll look into that. Most of the time i power everything up so there is no spare for those services. Lol.
I've seen randowhale a lot so at least hes around for some days and should not be a scam:)
Thanks, keep up your good content too!

If STEEM does what it aims to do, STEEM and SBD will both be worth a hell of a lot more in the future. We are all early adopters of this technology still!

Good job

Thank you.!! for this valuable information. @unrared

Great info!


I always have a hard time thinking of something to post! I am getting better though. I will be coming up on my one month anniversary soon and have been having a blast here!

Excellent post brother, I would like you to see my blog and give me your opinion, I am your follower, greetings from Venezuela.

This post has received a 3.64 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @unrared.

Good post :)

Thank you for info. steemit is great its just getting a good understanding of it and a good foundation for what to do and what not to do. Peace and love.

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Thanks for sharing the useful info. I need to find myself a brand photo then. too many logistics :/
Better late than never :D
I hope you enjoyed your steemperience (steem-experience) so far ;)

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